Friday, October 14, 2011

s+s chow: gourmet caramel apples

T. G. I. F. Serious. ly. Do you think that the originator of TGI Friday's was a man that sat in a cubical working every week for the weekends and just decided to quit and open up a restaurant and name it after his favorite day of the week? Or do you think that I created the longest run on sentence, ever? Random. I digress, clearly.

Ummm so the quintessential fall food for us are caramel apples. Obvi. To add on to those fabulous caramel apples, are of course, all of our 5 food groups, folks. We wouldn't steer you wrong. We have the fruit, the caramel, the white chocolate, the Butterfinger and Oreos. A dietitians worst nightmare. These are amazingly simple and fabulous and are fantastic homemade gifts around the fall season. 
Here is the loot for these treats:
Apples (red or green, we prefer the tartness of the green)
Craft/Popsicle sticks
Caramel bits (not seen here) for 10 apples you definitely need about 3 bags
White Chocolate Chips
Milk Chocolate Chips
Heath Bar
Cellophane Bags
Ribbon of your choosing
Step 1:

Make sure you wash your apples thoroughly. Often times, grocers put wax on apples and this will make it difficult for your caramel to adhere to the apple. Place the popsicle sticks into the top of the apple. Line your apples on a sheet of parchment paper sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Trust me. 
Step 2:

Melt the caramel down in the microwave. Immediately start coating the apples. This caramel cools quickly, so get on it! Coat the apples in the caramel by rotating the apple several times, coating it thoroughly. Once coated to your liking, let the excess caramel drip off of the side of the apple, as seen in the next photo. 
The apples in all of their glory. 
Step 3:

After coating the apples, if toppings are desired, immediately roll them in mashed Butterfinger, Heath bar, Oreos, Nuts or any toppings of your choice. (This was hard to capture in photo. I had to move too quickly and you all would have been confused by the frantic pictures. We may have gotten a few ceiling shots in there. Bananas.) Once you are pleased with the coating of the apples, return them to the fridge for at least 15 minutes. At that point, if you feel like adding drizzled chocolate, have at it! I melted mine down with a double boiler and added ample amounts of shortening to make the chocolate runnier. Trust me, you will thank me later for that. Using a fork, I just dipped and drizzled. The only goal I had in mind was making the largest mess possible for me to clean up. You will never guess...I destroyed that goal. 

Here is the finished product, again. 
Wrap them up in your pretty cellophane bags and tie them with some pretty ribbon and you are ready to go! This gets 5 Noms from us. Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom. 


  1. LOVE this post!! This is a keeper and I will surely be including this in an upcoming posts to ponder post. I love the idea of making gourmet candy apples..of course it looks really easy here, and so pretty. Definitely going to give this a go! Thanks girls.

  2. These sound so yummy. Beautiful display!

  3. My husband just caught a peek of my computer on the couch and he's now drooling ;) thank you so much for this lovely tutorial--it's perfect for fun fall gifts! hope you've had a great weekend! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}


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