Monday, August 22, 2011

monday musings: vintage oriental rugs

Good morning lovelies!! We hope you had a fab weekend! Today we are gushing over vintage oriental rugs. We adore them in every space in the home, but especially the kitchen.  It brings a multitude of colors to an often monochromatic space. We love the punches of reds, blues, oranges all in one little square of floor art. It also gives a very glamorous appearance in the center of a family's home. We would go on a magic carpet ride ANY day with any of these beauties. 

This image is from the kitchen of the oh so talented Jamie Meares. This was a shot taken of her home in the debut issue of High Gloss Magazine. OBSESSED. Truly. Jamie has an eye for style and this room is no exception.  We love the incorporation of the white and stainless steel accessories in the kitchen. Then BAM. Just like that. Major color and pattern added to the space. Gorg. 
Again, from the same shoot of Jamie's house, a beautiful oversized vintage persian rug. Although this space has color and pattern already, this rug just adds to the uniqueness.
Talk about statement floor art! This rug is absolutely divine. It fits so perfectly in the small space and brings just the right colors to the kitchen. The unbelievable kitchen island shown here, was actually a diy. If you can believe it! The midnight blue also appears in the rug. Love!
Now we have used this image before in specific relation to the round tray. Today, we are using it for the fabulous floor art. The pattern of the rug is absolutely incredible. Amazing symmetry and bold colors add so much interest to this clean and airy space. 
We love the reliance on accessories in this living room! In such a monochromatic space, this designer brought in so many different elements to keep the room interesting. It so amazing to see a room so well designed yet not really having any hues but grey. Well styled! 
Again! A fabulous persian rug in a kitchen. We love! Also, midnight blue cabinets?!?  We see this becoming a major trend in kitchen design and we absolutely approve. This rug adds the right amount of color and glam to this homey kitchen. 


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