Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lusting for: Leopard

We don't know about you all, but we are totally lusting for leopard accessories lately. All things. Big and small. Home decor and style. You name it. We love it. This pattern, even on a small scale, can make a huge impact in a space. Even the smallest of accessory, brings glamour and edge to the game. 

What a glammy space. We totally love this little office get up. 
Here is a game of "Where's the Leopard?" We love the subtle pop of the leopard pillow in a lovely shade of green. So unique. It is the absolute perfect accessory to this green piped couch. 
We love the eclectic feel of this room. The mixture of tribal prints, suzani and leopard?!?! We more than approve. We adore the difference in levels of the chairs. Adds an interesting element to the space. 
Hello Beverly Hills Regency!! The satiny finish of the plum walls are to die. The mish mash of prints and art work totally put a new meaning to the gallery wall. Oh wait...and that pop of leopard!! Dahling! 
Such an elegant and classic space! We love the edgy feel the leopard rug brings to the room. Not to mention all of the glammy accessories. Pagoda armoire? Don't even get us started. Loves!
A cool mid-century modern entryway. Cool art and accessories. This area is totally modernized using the leopard chair. It definitely screams exotic to us!
This is such an amazingly traditional entryway to us. We absolutely adore it! The leopard print stairs are such an unexpected addition. A fabulous unexpected addition...that is!
{style at home}
We love accessorizing leopard with bright colors such as yellow. This chick got it right in her cardigan and funky neckwear. 
Ummm we are so jeals of this phone cover it is ridiculous. Oh and her leopard print bracelet...perhaps?!? This girls phone is even accessorized to the nines. 
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this clutch. Dying. It is oversized and leopard. What is not to like?!? We also adore her arm candy with the punch of leopard. Obviously to represent the animal kingdom. Duh. 
{michelles style file}
We have assembled a spotted round up for all of you leopard lovers out there. We of course have small pops of leopard out there for all of you cautious leopard fans and also some subtle accessories. Roar. That is all we have to say.  


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