Tuesday, August 30, 2011

classic, woodsy soiree recap

Good morning lovelies! As you all know from the party in a post last week seen here, we were gearing up for a soiree we were hosting for Stella and Billie's Dad's Birthday. As you can see in the window here, that is Hurricane Irene passing us by out there. Just kidding! We saw minor showers.

The theme of the party was classic, woodsy and masculine. I guess we should say "themes".  As you can see, Boris was well received at this event. He fit RIGHT in. For the tablescapes, we went with a navy tablecloth with a homemade greek key pattern. Easy project, folks. Also present on the table, silver chargers, green napkins and last but not least, lanterns. 

A close up of the tables. 

A little mercury glass owl and some moss balls were added to the mix. Can anyone spy a peeping Billie in this picture? 
The bar. Equipped with galvanized accessories, ie tray, ice bucket. To keep the theme rolling, we only thought it to be appropriate to serve the beverages in mason jars. Also present at this soiree, none other than the Savannah Fizz
A Birthday cake for the Birthday boy. It is difficult to tell in this photograph, but the cake is adorned with navy stripes. It was adorbs. 


  1. What a fun party! Love the mason jar drinking glasses!

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