Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Favorite Room Feature: Dream Book Design

We have been reading Dream Book Design for awhile now. Adri has some amazing DIY ideas and she is not afraid to execute them! She and her husband have totally transformed their house into a designer's dream. Can we say industrial chic? Yes we can. They get it right. Take it away Adri!

Hi Sadie + Stella readers! My name is Adri, and im here from Dream Book Design. Today I am going to be talking to y'all about my kitchen makeover. My hot hubby and I live in a 1950's ranch style home, and we love it. Although we love its character, there were some things that just had to be changed. I love to cook, and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so I knew that this was a room that needed attention ASAP!
Here is our kitchen before any changes:

We completely knocked down walls, moved the laundry room, changed the floors, added an island, etc. There was a lot of work to be done, and it was a pain during the process. Now that its finished though, oh man I am in love!
Here is the after:

Some of my favorite things about the room:
  • The farmhouse sink. I do dishes all the time, and having this huge sink is so handy. I can actually soak even my biggest pots and pans in there! Not too exciting to some, but to me..bliss! I also love the look of it {duh!}
  • The brick wall. It adds so much depth and character to the kitchen.
  • The open plan of the kitchen. Now, when im cooking I can actually feel like im still apart of conversations going on in the living room. 
For a full rundown of what we did, go here. I hope you love our kitchen makeover as much as we do. Be sure to check out Dream Book Design for more tutorials, DIY projects, and inspiration in general. It was so great talking with y'all today, thanks Sadie + Stella for letting me post:)

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  1. This AH-mazing!! I can not believe the transformation! All the right choices!!


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