Thursday, August 18, 2011

a dorm room for the worldly and sophisticated

So, it is that back to school time. The aroma of freshly shaved pencils and used books are in the air. Even though we are beyond our college years, we still reminisce in the excitement of your first place away from home. Just because you are a college student and space is a commodity and you don't have a money tree (don't worry, none of us do), does not mean you have to skimp on style. 

We have gathered a few inspiration pieces that pack a lot of style and character into a small space. Although all different styles, these rooms all use mixes of texture and color to keep the small spaces interesting.

Looooooveeee. This poor person LITERALLY lives in a closet. But a super chic closet that is. We love all of the details and adornments including the utilitarian shelving. Also accessorized with nailhead. Adorbs. 
We spy a magnificent gallery wall. Now, this college student got lucky to have a room with a super interesting wall color. Not all of us should be so lucky. No fear...we have a solution for you white wallers below. 

Although this is not a dorm room, it is a fantastic example of packing an 
extremely small space with a whole lot of pizzaz. Things seem to be
multipurpose in a space like this. A la a desk also being used as a footboard.  Creative folks. Creative.   

Super simple and understated space but again, lots of incorporated textures. We love that headboard and think it would be very easy to recreate. 
In effort to pull all of the amazing parts of each of these compact spaces, we have created a design board for what we like to think, is a worldly and sophisticated space for a young adult. Even we would incorporate this into our homes!  
For starters, the fabulous quatrefoil backdrop is our solution to those white wallers out there. You know who you are. These are awesome and cheap ways to make a huge impact in a small space. Vinyl decals. Bingo Bango. Next, we wanted to incorporate lots of pattern and texture into the space to keep things interesting and fresh. The dhurrie rug above the bed was used in order to cover up whatever headboard that a college student would generally have. Most of the beds that the University's delve out, are not the most chic. Throw a dhurrie rug or similar over the back of it, and you are in business. We chose a bedding with pattern, but a very subtle and light pattern since we have so much color going on. Topped off with a pop of fuschia ikat. Larving.

A parsons desk is a great solution for a small space. It is sleek and chic but still serves its purpose. We included our go to Ikea rattan chair which we suggest topping off with our go to Ikea Sheepskin throw. Also included, another dhurrie rug under the desk area. It adds a bold pattern and some more color to that area. A little grey pouf and a sunburst mirror. What more could a college student ask for?!?! 

Back to school never looked so good. Don't forget to enter into our unbelievable giveaway from Noble House. Have a great Thursday lovers! 


  1. Wow this so shows that beautiful things really do come in small packages!! I love all of these and that first little jewel box of a room is amazing and I love the green on the walls in that fabulous eclectic room in the 2nd picture. Great job!
    Thanks again for yesterday:)

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