Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Favorite Room Feature: Our Fifth House

Today, Carmel from Our Fifth House is going to share her favorite room with us, her dining room. Folks, just prepare yourself for this major transformation. Carmel has an unbelievable eye for style and is a DIY girl at heart. Gotta love that! We love her space and know you will die over her super unique stenciled ikat wall. 

Hello Sadie + Stella readers!  I'm Carmel from Our Fifth House.  We are currently living in our fifth house, hence the blog name.  Yes, I know I'm a genius.  I'm very excited to be here today to share my favorite room.  There have been so many gorgeous rooms featured in this series I'm honored to be included!  We moved in to this house just about a year and half ago.  It's crazy how fast time flies!  While we still have quite a bit of work to do in the "make this house a home" department; we have managed to finish a few rooms.  I say "finish" loosely here because in my mind it's never really finished - more like in between makeovers.  HA!

My favorite room in my home is my dining room.  It started out looking pretty dated with white wall-to-wall carpet, a shiny brass chandelier, and hand-me down dining room furniture that never really quite fit our personalities.

In addition (while I don't have a whole room before picture) the walls also came with a very interesting wall paper.  I like chinoiserie, but I wasn't crazy about this paper.  I think it was the color palette that threw me for a loop?

At any rate, we (well, honestly I did most of the work- just sayin') took the wall paper down and painted the walls a very light off-white (Waverly Cafe Cream) and the ceiling a buttercream (Martha Stewart Macadamia).  We craig's listed our china cabinet; and then moved our dining room table into the kitchen (after a little paint makeover) and brought in our kitchen table and chairs (World Market).  Initially, we tore the carpet out and stained the subfloor.  Yes, you read that right - we stained the subfloor.  We knew that someday we'd put down hardwood, so we figured why live with carpet that we hate in the meantime.  Someday came sooner than later.  This Spring, we were forced to replace our kitchen floor due to a water issue so we went ahead and had dark bamboo floors laid throughout the house.  While our new floors are stunning, the crowning jewel in this room (in my opinion) is the ikat stenciled wall.  I order the stencil from Olive Leaf and stenciled just one wall.  It totally made the room, and it was so easy to do.  It was my very first stencil project, and I'm so pleased with the result!  My stenciled wall was even featured in the new issue of House of Fifty, which was such an honor!

I really love how the table brings in a casual vibe so this room doesn't feel too formal.  The chandy is from Home Depot. I hung a few glass drops with some jute twine to add a little sparkle.

The buffet is really just an old dresser I picked up at a consignment store and I gave it a little more antiquing with some glaze.

The fabric covered canvas chalkboard is an easy diy project.  

The other side of the room hosts a gallery wall of special family photos and mementos.  The dining room isn't a room where you expect to see a gallery wall and I think that's why I like this wall so much.  It makes the room feel more inviting.

We use this room quite a bit.  The hubs and I both love to entertain.  My kitchen table is usually covered with some type of project which is why I wanted a dining room that didn't feel so off limits.  This room strikes a nice balance between elegant and casual.  It fits our family's personality so well now!

Thanks for checking out my favorite room.  Thanks to Sadie + Stella for the invite.  This is such a fun series.  Hopefully, in time, the rest of my house will start to come together a little more, and I'll have a whole house filled with favorite rooms!


  1. WOW! It almost doesnt seem possible it could be the same room! LOVE the new fabulous, its so fresh, elegant and inviting. Congrats and enjoy!!

  2. Kudos to Carmel! Her dining room looks lovely! My favorite part is the contrast of the gold mirror on that black & white stenciled wall!

  3. Thanks for having me over to share!

  4. I really love Carmel's dinning room! That stencil on the wall has got to be my favorite:)

  5. i just love carml's dining room! it was the room that drew me to her blog!

  6. Carmel's dining room is amazing! She really knocked it out of the park with the black and white stenciled ikat wall.

  7. Wow this is quite the makeover! It looks so great with all the white and black. Clean, and sophisticated and classic.

  8. What a beautiful transformation! I love how fresh it looks now...and those lamps are amazing!

  9. Oh I'm in love with those lamps on her buffet. Where did she get those from? Or is that another diy project?

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