Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Favorite Room Feature: Modern Jane

We adore Jane and her fabulous blog, and we know you will too! Her clean and timeless style is flawless and she is a great diy-er to boot! Thanks so much for sharing your fave room with us Jane! 

Hi Sadie and Stella readers! I'm visiting today from my blog Modern Jane and I going to share with you my favorite room in my home - my living room.

The first time I saw the house I was smitten with the large room and beautiful windows. Move in and I quickly saw the reality of what I was dealing with. Layers upon layers of wallpaper and an ugly brick fireplace (sticky from several coats of varnish and covered in dog hair).

Here are a couple of before pics from the first time I visited the home. 

Potential, right?
The wallpaper was removed, fireplace was painted (5 coats!), the floors were refinished and new windows installed. Then, the fun part! Decorating it :) Most of the furniture was thrifted, then painted or reupholstered. The back wall was wallpapered in a pretty geometric print and I still love it!

It's become my favorite room because it light and bright and I spend most of my time there. I like looking around and realizing that it turned out nice and I didn't really spent all that much on the finishes. I successful room on a budget if you ask me!

Thanks so much for having me girls! It was fun!


  1. Such a pretty, relaxing room. I love the natural light, the paper lantern fixture, the blue artwork, garden stool and wallpaper - so much interest!

  2. Love this room...the colors are all my favorites, love the subtle introduction of a few prints and that beautiful chest up there...perfect in every way!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. No fair-all those moldings and trim and wood floors. Love them all white. You are very talented.

  4. What an amazing difference. Great vision Jane!!

  5. simply lovely room, so calm and inviting!! No wonder you spend most of your time there now!

  6. I especially love that white china cabinet. I really want one like it. Fabulous room.. Congrats!

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