Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Favorite Room Feature: The Enchanted Home

Tina over at The Enchanted Home catalogues the journey of building her family's dream home. Tina has absolutely exquisite taste and a total eye for design. Not to mention, she is one of the most gracious bloggers we have ever encountered. Tina is going to share the progress of her dream kitchen with you S+S readers. We love it and we know you will too!

Hi I am so pleased and honored that the wonderfully talented duo of Sadie and Stella asked me to participate in their fantastic favorite room feature! The idea is to discuss a room that has been designed/ decorated and how it came to be. I was really hoping my entire room would be completed by this time but we are getting close! In any case, I will share with you what has happened thus far and how it came to be and hopefully when its totally done I can come back and show you the final result! 

As some of you know, we are building our dream house. Yes, we feel incredibly lucky but its been a very long long process.......three and a half years and counting! Of course, loving to entertain and cook, the kitchen was of utmost importance and I told my husband this is where I expected to have free reign to fulfill my kitchen fantasies. Lucky for me, he in due time obliged (not without an argument or disagreement or two) but we worked it out! The kitchen is very large and has a separate butlers pantry and breakfast room. The house is a french chateau styled home and I wanted it to feel like an updated old/new chateau kitchen. The things absolutely on my non negotiable wish list were:
  • Antiqued or reclaimed beams
  • Reclaimed limestone floors in big random sizes from France
  • A big black European range
  • Creamy colored cabinets on the perimeter with a light glaze
  • Tons of white Calcutta gold marble on all the countertops
  • A big black island with white marble
  • Double farmhouse sinks
  • Two lanterns hanging over the island
  • Black butlers pantry with lots of glass
  • Limestone hood for above the range
See I am not picky at all, am I? OK, so I said this could be my birthday, anniversary, mothers day AND Christmas gifts for a few years....soooo worth it. So here are a few visuals of the materials that inspired me and then a few pictures of my kitchen in progress. 
FLOORS FROM PARIS CERAMICS...these are reclaimed limestone floors from the Burgoyne region of France..I truly am in love with them and actually got teary eyed when they were being installed. I loved them THAT much! (also waited about 4 months for them so we are like family)
ANTIQUED BEAMS DONE MY OUR MASTER WOODWORKER, DON AND BOB We have the worlds most talented woodworkers doing all the woodwork in our house. They made many many beams for our family room, breakfast room and kitchen and did all the wood paneling throughout the house. Paul Bunyon has nothing on these guys!! Then Rocco our finisher extraordinaire, comes and spends a few weeks antiquing and staining and glazing them!
MY ILVE BLACK RANGE I knew from the day that we bought this property, that my dream kitchen had to have a black enameled European range. I love the look, so after much looking, investigating, and pleading I found my dream range, the Ilve Majestic.....may I present her to you.....ta da!
LANTERNS, Since the island is so long (12 feet) we will have a pair of lanterns flanking it. I haven't had a lot of spare time but was hoping to find a pair of antique lanterns, just the first ones shown here. Otherwise, I will buy new ones and attempt to "antique" them myself or have someone who actually knows what they are doing do it for me, but this is the look!

CALCUTTA GOLD MARBLE  This stuff makes me weak at the knees! Whats more gorgeous than a great big slab of white perfect veiney marble? Love it! I had my heart set on this particular stone from day 1. Unfortunately, its at a major premium so we really had to do our homework and sharpen our negotiating skills, My husband and I has been able to swallow many pills throughout this journey but this one was a hard pill for us to both swallow....that said, I know this will be like the gift that keeps on giving!
OIL RUBBED BRONZE HARDWARE Since upon looking for hardware, I became totally overwhelmed very fast, I have ordered several samples to try and once I get to give them a "test run" I will then make my final decisions! Here are some contenders.....

LIMESTONE RANGE HOOD. How could I create this beautiful European inspired kitchen and not include a stone range hood! I am so excited to see it get put up, but that in itself is a full day process. We just got it yesterday, but it was exciting to take a peek! Here is what it looks like:
So now that I have showed you some are some pictures since its humble beginnings. Unfortunately the kitchen is not done but its about 70% there.....we had to put on "cardboard countertops" and cheesy cheap faucets to meet our inspection requirements with the building inspector coming tomorrow but those lovely cardboard creations will be replaced with gorgeous white marble! The kitchen people are putting on the layers of the kitchen, but you are getting an idea here. By the time I got to the house, it was getting dark and our electricity officially gets connected tomorrow so a few pics are a little dark.  I also included pictures of the butlers pantry, still in its infancy in terms of installation but its going to be fabulous, I can tell. So, you have to use your imagination here a bit people, and I promise I will be following up with lots of "after" pictures when its totally done!
Looking from mud room into kitchen
Our island or the "continent" as its affectionately called by some of the guys working at the house
Love the dental crown detailing......
Going from the kitchen into the family room
We have lots of glass fronted doors
A closer up of the details..... 
The refrigerator wall
The oil rubbed bronze hinges I hemmed and hawed over
The dual sinks, pardon the cardboard counters and hideous faucet!
Looking from the family room in
Our breakfast room 
The butlers at its most basic, imagine with all the moldings, white marble,etc...
Another section, it has 2 L sections of cabinets
Entering from the mud room
Mudroom and back stair going into the kitchen
Family room/hutch wall going into family room
And there's the hood just awaiting its new home!
So that's what we have thus far! As most of you know, every Thursday, I post house updates and I imagine by next Thurs. I will be showing you a nearly completed kitchen and butlers (the countertops won't be in for a few weeks though) Thank you so much Lindsay and Lindsay for having me. It was so great to be here and share with you my kitchen in progress!
Wishing everyone an enchanted day!


  1. Her home is absolutely unbelievable. I think I may have just died looking at that stove- absolute heaven and the beams and the floors...le sigh- all so glorious!!!

  2. I can see why your kitchen is going to be your favorite room! It's just exquisite and no wonder the marble is so expensive you may need a whole side of the mountain to cover the "continent"! Beautiful images and I can see you enjoying a cup of coffee while admiring this lovely space soon! Beautiful!

  3. This is my dream kitchen but I think half my house could fit in there, haha! Seriously it is so beautiful, all done in such good taste and I think you are fully achieving your dream of a new/old chateau kitchen, it will have have all the grandness and charm of a European kitchen with all the new bells and whistles...cannot wait to see it totally done!
    Thanks for walking us through your inspiration...enjoyed it very much.

  4. Tina! Oh what a kitchen! You are so lucky to be able to see your dream kitchen come true! And I love how you know exactly what you want! Good for you!

    Ladies, I will be sure to look over your blog :) Can't wait!



  5. this is really coming along!!
    the black enameled range - i love love love!!!

    you have done such an excellent job on this.....
    i am blown away.

    AD .... will be knocking at your door when you are done. i am sure.

    sadie & stella,
    thanks for showcasing 'miss enchanted'
    and her dream home :)

  6. It's looking fabulous, Tina! I can't wait to see all the details come together. It's going to be unbelievable!

    And, I'm excited to check out Sadie & Stella while I'm here. I've got a canine Sadie myself, so I'm already liking these girls :)

  7. Thank you so much for having Tina guest post!!

    Tina OMG I am simply in love with everything you are accomplishing! This home is going to have to be featured in a renowned Shelter magazine!!

    Your attention to detail is beyond!I am so enjoying following the progress.


    Art by Karena

  8. I'll NEVER get tired of looking at this kitchen!!! It is a designer and chef's dream!!

  9. Oh, this is a great post! Tina already knows how much I love her blog and admire her great taste.

    Loving to know more details about her kitchen!


    Luciane at

  10. THE RANGE! Wow. What can I say. The entire house is perfection.
    Have a great day.

  11. Darling Tina. I am speechless dearest. YOU ARE GOING TO BE LIKE CINDERELLA IN THIS HOUSE! MY FAVORITE PART? That hood in the kitchen. My husband built me a humble one in our kitchen, but I LOVE IT. It makes me feel like I am in a little brick French cottage....ahhhhh....our homes are our castles and YOURS is literally going to be one! YIPEEEEEE! Anita

  12. Your home is going to be the most amazing home EVER! When can I move in? Your cabinets color is very similar to my center island and I have the oil rubbed bronze hardware and love it! So exciting to build a home, especially when you enjoy design so much!! xo

  13. It is going to be a stunner!!! Can't wait to see the finished product and the fact that her style is carried out throughout the entire home is what will make it a space perfect!

  14. Where to start! Everything is perfection. Your new home makes a real chateau look shabby! I think you scale is so grand yet your attention to the smallest detail is so well executed. This is what makes it such a masterpiece!I could cook up a storm in that kitchen! Wonderful post, Lindsays! So nice to find your lovely blog!

  15. Hi Tina, fun to find a new blog!! I am so amazed at the beauty in your amazing home. You have all the top-notch details going into your kitchen, it is beyond gorgeous. So fun to be walked through each special detail!! Kathysue

  16. Truly spectacular. I cannot imagine living in a home like that. It looks like a CASTLE!!!

  17. I never tire of seeing photos of your progress, Tina....this kitchen is beyond my imagination....cannot wait to see it finished and in all of its won't want to leave it!

    Glad to find a new blog too!

  18. I love the marble...I know it is a HUGE expense, but I can't imagine that it won't make you happy every time you see it, so it is well worth it. Looking at your new home never gets old for me!

  19. Hi Tina, Sadie and Stella

    Your kitchen is truly a dream Tina and I can't wait to seeit completed! I think we are all as excited as you are by now!


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  21. Tina, Sadie, Stella,

    How grand! This is such a great guest (I Love Tina) and it's so fun to follow along with someone so generous and see her dreams come true. This truly is a magical place like Disneyland all year long for all of us. Love the idea of guest posts and all this sharing through blogs it really is becoming a small world and large community.

    Ladies I love this post have a great day!


  22. It's coming along beautifully!

  23. This s so incredible, every detail is so perfect, the floors, stone the cabinet and island colors, the white marble, and love the beams. I also love all the wood work and height in the ceiling in the breakfast room, I would just sit and stare at all the beauty all day long. Such a great post and I am happy to have also found this terrific blog. Thank you-

  24. Tina, your kitchen is going to be wonderful. We love all of the elements that you have chosen. We can't wait to see the kitchen when finished.
    Angela and Renee

  25. I always keep up with your Thursday updates and it was so fun to learn about all the details and your wish list! That black stove is amazing as is the whole gorgeous kitchen!

  26. Tina absolutely has the BEST taste -- and how fun it has been to watch as her dream home becomes a reality!

    Love finding your blog via The Enchanted Home and look forward to future posts!!!

    xo Elizabeth

  27. Hi girls!! Just wanted to say THANKS SO MUCH for having me here!! It was a total pleasure and I am honored that you included me in this wonderful series of yours. Everyone loves your blog!!
    And everyone who stopped by, thank you so much for your kind words. I am so happy that you are enjoying the process with me, its so much fun to have others to share it with. Thank you again everyone!! xoxo

  28. Such an amazing kitchen and home for a lovely family. Excited you, Tina and all the progress. Can you get a turkey in that oven? It is gorgeous.

  29. Everything are just beautiful. And my favorite are the tall windows that the natural light of the sun goes in and out. It was great tour of your amazing home.

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