Monday, August 1, 2011

monday musings: sunsational sunrooms

You like what we just did there? What a play on words. We hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend. We are dreading getting back to the daily grind, as we sure you are as well!

Sunrooms are such a thoughtful and useful space if done correctly. Often an extension of the kitchen or a common room, they are a place for a family to relax and enjoy each other and beautiful surroundings.  There is something so charming about these bright and airy spaces. We are obsessed with their casual elegance. Hopefully these cheerful sunrooms will delight your Monday morning as much as they did ours!


  1. love that first one! Looks like a perfect spot for a cup of tea...

  2. I'm loving these sun rooms! The third is my favourite, with all the colourful cushions! ♥

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  3. These are so perfect! Gushing! I'm doing some work to my backyard now now. I think we're going with canopy covers though.

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