Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Musings: Table Skirts

Didn't I flip the script? Serrrsley. Nothing wrong with musing on a Tuesday. That is what I always say. Lately I have been lusting after table skirts. Yes. Tailored, pleated, trimmed, fringed table skirts. You name it, I love it. I remember, being a product of the 80's/early 90's, if your home had a table skirt as a side table or nightstand topped with a glass top...you were really rocking it. While it somewhat faded out of style, it is back in full force if you as, moi. Let's look at some of my current faves. 

And a client's install in progress. Don't we love her table skirt? You can't just buy this up at the store, folks. This is straight up custom and is going to be fabulous with the rest of the room we have in store. 
So where do we land on this one? Love it or hate it? Or love to hate it? Or hate to love it? I for one am obsessed with the traditional vibe it brings to any and every space. While we are speaking, do not forget to enter in the getaway giveaway that ends tomorrow. Get yourself a hotel room for your trip! Love you. Mean it. XOXO


  1. I am going to miss you on this one. I can't believe we are parting the design paths...I'm crossing the street...this one is not for me. It's like that really cute dress that you need to say to your friend, "you wear it".

  2. I have to vote no when it comes to skirted tables. They just look bulky and sloppy to me.

  3. I have to admit I am usually not a fan of skirted tables just not my style, but all these pictures have me rethinking it. Love the one trimmed in black and white and your clients install gorgeous!!

  4. I am loving the table skirts in these photos! So great, and pulls the whole room together in my opinion! Love.



  5. I like them. I actually have a frumpy old one in a teenage boy's room in my house. Once he launches I will change it out to something a bit better, maybe tailored. They are great for stashing ugly things under, shhhh.

  6. My mom rocked the table skirt all over our house in the 90s!!I'm not a fan of the round table skirt because it reminds me of mom but I do love a table skirt on a rectangular table.

  7. Love the skirts - and they totally remind me of my childhood - my mom rocked them!

  8. I'm a fan and not afraid to shout it out. In fact, I found some fabric and a tutorial and have plans to get one made. Love your client's. I think its all about tailoring to remove that 90's memory for people. You rocked it girl.

  9. We just had a table skirt made for our entry way. I have a slight obsession with them.

  10. Such a fan!! Ever since I can remember there have been at least 4 beautiful tableskirts in my home......they really make the room. These photos are amazing....pinning most of them!

  11. Love table skirts too..especially with the greek key at hem..adds so much to a space and can be changed out if desired.

  12. Love the look of a table skirt but I wouldn't likely put one in my house for fear it would collect tons of dust. too much maintenance for this mom of three.
    Thanks! Ashley Callen (http://naturalelementsbyashley.com)

  13. Oh you know I LOVE it and LOVE it even more that we posted the same thing today. :) XOXO

  14. I worked for the designer with the gray table skirt and wood trim at the bottom edge- I actually found that fabric and the trim as well as the wood trim on the lampshades. Funny!

  15. dude. i am a fan too!! but i don't tell many people bc they look at me funny. i have a few skirts up on some tables in my house too.

  16. Absolutely. As well as skirted sofas. The key is that they aren't frumpy. Duh.
    There is a time a place for exposed legs and a same with skirts. All about the balance.

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