Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dressed for the Holidays

I know I don't talk about fashion on the regular around here, but it is actually a big part of my life. Always has been. Always will be. So today, we are going to talk about it. If you are like me, you still have a few holiday parties to get through before the holiday season ends. Whoever said the little black dress was dull? Not this girl. The LBD is my go to for any event. Especially paired with major statement accessories. I mean how can you disagree? Rock this frock and all of the heads will be turning. Even Santa's elves. Even. 


  1. That might be the most perfect little black dress...need to go investigate. I have a Christmas party this weekend and stressing about what to wear, this little outfit would do just the trick, love the touch of emerald green too......sooooo beautiful! Love how you think:)

  2. Would it be wrong to want that necklace to put in a dish and look at it?

  3. love that necklace...and the clutch is good!

  4. Love the combo of a classic, lady-like dress with a bold statement necklace! So pretty!

  5. i bought that necklace and obsessed with it! great picks!!

    XO Meghan

  6. Love the dress. It would look so awesome with one of those "gold bow belts" I've been seeing EVERYWHERE!!



  7. That necklace over that dress is perfect, love it!

  8. Well I just love everything about this look. The necklace is killer and the little black dress is one of the cutest, most flirty styles I've seen!

  9. Great looking outfit, love green and black together for the holidays.

  10. Nice grooming stuff, that's perfect for all occasions.

  11. I love that little black dress! Forever21 actually has a very similar one to it right now -- for a fraction of the cost!

  12. oooh that dress is awesome and love that ring!!!

  13. LOVE the handbag/clutch! The perfect pop of color!

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