Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: My Favorite and My Best

Larvlies. Big big deal here today. My Favorite and My Best is here showcasing her favorite space, her daughter's bedroom. What a great mom. And let me tell ya, it is a gem. Jenny is not only extremely talented, she is incredibly inappropriate and hilarious which makes me adore her all the more. She's not afraid of color, lack of punctuation/capitalization, or being offensive. A girl after my own heart. Just take a look my friends. 

hello sadie and stella readers!  i am jenny andrews-anderson aka mfamb aka the girl with the bestworst hyphenated name in the history of names.  and i am happy to be here representing the only room in my house that i've ever actually FINISHED decorating. my child's. her name is fiona and she is almost 8 and obvs loves purple and cats. what do you do when your kid loves purple and cats?  YOU GIVE THEM PURPLE AND CATS!! 
but you also have to know where to do the purple.  bc purple is hard.  i chose lavender verbena by martha stewart.  it is purple with a TON of pink.  i chose to do purple walls bc paint is easy to change.  
the headboard fabric is orangerie by designers guild.  and i loves it so hard. the lavender in the headboard is a perfect match for the walls.  i chose the olive green in the headboard to guide my next choice.. her vintage bamboo desk:
it's painted an army green gloss by ben moore.  it goes so well with the lavender.  it's super unexpected and that was one of my main goals in designing the room. 
the blinds are her old blinds..i hadn't had the curtains at the time the pics were taken which is what happens when you are on a super tight budget.  you have to take a lot of time to acquire the things you want.  it's cool.  i can live with it.  
the bedding is also temporary apart from the madeline weinrib riad pillow shams and the bedskirt.  i have some new bedding coming from biscuit home which is actually named after my daughter, fiona!  i am so excited to have it!  i will post pics on my blog once it's all in place.

just about everything in her room was a craigslist find.  the dresser, the nightstand, the lamps and the lucite wastebasket.  all vintage all really inexpensive!  
the nightstand/chest of drawers was a really horrible looking reddish brownish orange puke color.  i stripped it and then lime washed it.  it looks so pretty now.  

the headboard, the bedskirt, the pillows and the curtains (which aren't in these photos) are all custom. 

the painting was a gift to me from michelle armas and it holds a special place in my heart.  it has moved around my house quite a bit. 

i love her room.  it's a cozy, girly space that i love to share with her at the end of the day when we are acting like sillies in her bed. and it made me beyond happy to decorate a space for my best girl. 
thanks for having me lindsay and s+s readers!  may the fart be with you. 



  1. Love Fiona's room and love Jenny! Such a talented girl! Great feature! Is it sad I like her room better than mine?

  2. Fiona's room is super cool. Love it. Love Jenny. The end.

  3. Oh what a lucky girl! This room is beautiful. And it's something that she'll probably love in her teenage years all the way into adulthood.:)
    Diana from

  4. Love this room!! I am loving the fabric on those pillows. So beautiful. Oh, how I wish I had this kind of talent.


  5. What a gorgeous room! The headboard... I need it NOW. And I love the color combo of lavendar and army green - too cool. Pretty much love everything about this room!

  6. I love the third is so beautiful!

  7. What a lucky little girl. Her room is way more sophisticated than mine!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that headboard.

  8. MFAMB and Sadie + Stella -- two of my VERY FAVORITE blogs in one space! LOVE!


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