Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: Holtwood Hipster

I am incredibly jazzed for today's FRF guest. Jazzed. Erin from Holtwood Hipster is sharing her in home studio with us. The space is full of life, inspiration and glamour. Let me tell you. This space would inspire me to get down to business. It just might inspire me to learn how to sew. A girl can dream, loves. Erin is hip and stylish in every way and I know you will agree. Take it away Erin!

What an honor to be featured today on Sadie + Stella. My name is Erin and I blog over at Holtwood Hipster. Today I'm finally sharing the room I'm most excited about - my in-home studio. While my blog posts have touched on individual aspects and projects throughout my home, I've never shared a room in its entirety. So it feels particularly good to pull the curtain back and share the reveal with you all today on one of my favorite daily reads.
My husband and I have been renovating our 1967 ranch-style home inside and out for nearly two years now. As we started to renovate, this room was the first to be addressed. I home office and really needed to create an inspiring workspace, as this is where the majority of my day is spent. I set out to create a multi-functional space, anchored by my signature black and white color scheme and have continued to fill it with things I truly love- many of which I handmade.

When I'm not working on my day job, I'm creating. I really think of this area as my design lab of sorts. It's probably the most finished space in the house, but truth be told, its face is ever evolving. The artwork has been swapped out several times as have the window panels. Case in point- these striped little numbers  I recently whipped up from remnant fabric used at one of our summer house parties.
They say to fill a space with what you love.  Well, accessories have often started here in my favorite room only to be moved elsewhere in our home. I'm currently loving the objects in this vignette, styled up with beloved flea market finds. I scored that brass bar cart and the mid-century style horse art in a single trip to the Long Beach Flea Market. The North African inspired painting with its saturated color palette and original round frame was also sourced from the flea and is one of my most treasured pieces in our home.
Prone to have several projects going at once, this space allows me to house and organize all of my supplies in one place- something I had not had prior to moving into our home. I recently outfitted what had once been intended as a large closet and created this project nook. The glossy black pegboard system and brass toned hooks were up cycled from materials left in our garage by the previous owners.  We're still looking to power it with overhead lighting, but an extension cord is working just fine for the time being. I honestly couldn't be happier than while sewing up some new creation in my little nook.
Some more treasured objects in my favorite room. I originally painted this large scale piece of art for our living room, but found it worked better in the studio. I spotted this DIY coral lighting fixture during blog-land perusing one day and decided to whip up a similar one for my own space as well. While I love it in its current incarnation, I'm slowly moving towards a larger scale evolution of this piece, with black branching and bigger, clear bulbs. The shelving in the project nook was created by pairing high grade African Mahogany boards with inexpensive IKEA brackets sprayed gold to mimic my beloved brass. 

How 'bout a few wide shots of my favorite room so you can see how these details come together? The light and breeze coming through the front facing windows helps me feel productive all day long. As I sit here working, I especially love how the warm grey paint on the wall changes color throughout the day. 

A big thank you to Lindsay for hosting me here today for my big reveal! I'm ever so grateful and it's been the most fun sharing my favorite room with you all today.


  1. What a gorgeous space to work in ! Love the curtains and prints above the desk.

  2. Fantastic office and work space. This is inspiring! Happy Holidays ladies.
    xo Nancy

  3. That DIY light fixture is killer! And I love how unique the space is. Everything is amazing!! Great feature Lindsay, as always :)

  4. I have those same brass cranes, love them dearly. This is a great space, it definitely makes me want to get our spare "junk" room in order asap!

  5. that light, the sewing station, the wrapping paper pile, I LOVE IT ALL - oh yeah and the framed marble paper!

  6. Really is a fabulous space!! Love the creativity she has put into this room!

    xoxo, Emily

  7. Oh my gosh I love it all. I'm a black and white with hits of gold girl also so we are speaking the same language. I just wish I could sew. I blame my mom :) Can I get the link for the DIY coral light? That is amazing. - Brandy

  8. love your blog - just started following!! this space is so so amazing and now makes me itch for an office/creative space as beautiful as this one!!

  9. LOVE Erin and her blog! And why has she not shown this space off before?? Such great inspiration. Would LOVE to have a space like this to create.

  10. Gorgeous!! I want those lamps!

  11. I would have a job if I could work in an office that looked like this one.

  12. Great inspiration...I'm about to tackle my office as well!

  13. Freaking awesome. No surprise there, Erin is the best!

  14. Ohhhh my gosh that light fixture...coolest thing ever!!!!! And I'm so motivated to start my inspiration board after seeing this!! xo

  15. i love the place. so much art=)

  16. Aww! Thanks so much for the positive feedback you guys and big thank you again to Lindsay for featuring me here today.

  17. I saw Erin's space on your Pinterest and knew I had to come right over! This space is beyond beautiful! There are so many charming details that I am just drooling over! Off to check out Erin's blog!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  18. OH MY!!!! SO exciting and beautiful I don't even know where to begin!! I'm a big fan of painted yours! and the styling in that kind of bar cart....and what do you make?? seems like you paint and sew.....Such great taste!

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