Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Musings: NYE Glitz and Glam

Ladies. Ladies. Ladies. Put on your sparkliest of outfits. Paint your nails. Put on those eyelashes. Pop the finest of champagne (ahem Cook's). That's right. It's New Years Eve. Leave it to me to wait until the day of to let you girls know what you need for the big event. People. I live in a constant state of reaction lately. I cannot help it. Just roll with it. Blame it on the fact that the Mayan's were wrong. Blame it on the fact that I am one of the only losers who has to work on New Year's Eve. Bitter? Just a tad. 

Who is ready to ring in 2013? Do you all remember back in the early 90's, thinking about the 2000+ years and visualizing it to be futuristic? Show of hands. I mean am I alone here? I thought by 2013 we would be wearing metallic space suits and everyone would be driving a flying car. Jetson style. While we are falling short in that regard as a society, I am looking forward to all of the adventures and events that a new year will bring. You all have made 2012 a fantastically eventful year for me and I look forward to the next year to come. 

Let's get jazzed and sparkled out. 

For those of us who are NYE procrastinators, here are some last minute items we can scrounge up for tonight's festivities. All sequined, glitzed and glammed. Of course. If it isn't a metallic, and doesn't shine or sparkle, I am not interested. Naturally. 


  1. I wish my New Year's would be as exciting as these photos above!! Beautiful images! Happy 2013!!

  2. Happy, happy New Year sweet lady!!! xoxo

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