Friday, December 21, 2012

Let's catch up

Let us praise baby Jesus. It is Friday and I am on the cusp of a 4 day weekend. Hoo. Ray. Also worthy of an honorable mention, my family is on their way for the holidays. I will take them. As I have mentioned, I have not really been in the Christmas spirit this year, but that is quickly being turned around. I mean look, I am even posting Christmas inspiration photos. See below. As lovely and magical as this image is, doesn't it look like a fire hazard? Kinda. 
So let's catch up on my week. Ok. So don't let the bah humbug attitude fools ya. I finally got my act together and wrapped some presents. I usually put more thought into the design and execution of my present wrapping. I like it funky and unique, but time and resources didn't allow this year. I think it turned out well, all things considered. 
Favorite space of the week. Actually. Correction. Favorite space of the month. I spotted this space designed by Tobi Fairley in Southern Living back in November and I have been salivating ever since. I must recreate the ceiling. It is a must. And anytime a lantern is at play, I am on board. What a foyer. What a foyer.
Big azzzz news to report. The Target + Nieman Marcus Collection has finally taken a rollback (Walmart lingo) to 50%. I have to admit, this is a more suitable and accurate price point in my opinion. Now that we are more appropriately priced, I can consider the following for purchase.
Favorite new site of the week. Found this new Etsy site that I might barter my unborn child for a piece of. I am quite certain I have fallen in love with these colored gemstone earrings. I mean how can anyone argue with the fact that I need these? How?
My favorite DIY of the week. It is no shock that this next to genius project hails from one of my bloggy besties, Linda from My Crafty Home Life. I mean she blows me away time and time again. She took an ordinary tray from Lowe's and made it super glam glam (in the words of Martyn Bullard Lawrence). God I love that woman. I bought two and will be making one for me and one for my mom.
And I leave you with this. The reason I do not use Instagram to catalog my day, contrary to popular opinion. Many of you may not know, I spend my day job as an insurance broker. What you see below is from a continuing education class that I am required to attend on a yearly basis to maintain my license and designations.  This image exemplifies the people and fashion that I encounter on the reg. I mean show of hands, who wouldn't love to get hourly fashion updates from me such as this?  I mean where did he get that sweater and that dickie? What is crazy is that I am the one who sticks out like a sore thumb here. 
I will check in with you sweets early next week. But until then, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with  friends, family, check out lines, baking, wrapping and the like. Love you. Really, really, mean it. XOXO


  1. love that picture, especially the perturbed look on his face!

  2. What beautiful earrings~

    Merry Chrismas!

    =) Brooke

  3. I never laugh this much on half a cup of coffee...that sweater!! On a prettier note, the earrings are awesome. I saw your pin of the earrings and went to check them out-YUM!

  4. Your photo made me literally lol, especially since I work for an insurance company (and thus, can relate).

  5. Ha! That's awesome! I would love fashion updates about your co-workers! I've been shamelessly lusting after those earrings on Pinterest too. I NEED them! Merry Christmas!

  6. omg that picture is awesome- you should actually instagram hilarious stuff like that!! I'm book marking that Etsy site those earring are gorg. I haven't been in the Xmas spirit either this year, but I finally feel like I'm turning around. I just need to start wrapping my gifts

  7. too funny!! hilarious actually! This photo after a bit of photoshop and cropping could be like a real piece of art...honestly...I think it is that interesting. You are admirable and inspiring! You work so hard. I can't believe you have design clients as are one busy lady!! Wishing you a wonderful holiday. xx

  8. the pink crystal studs are so pretty! i need them for florida!

  9. Thanks for the shout out, girl. You must walk in the room and they all think..."she doesn't look like one of us". Do you own a flask? Might help.

  10. At first I thought poor guy must not have a wife, but I looked and he has on a ring!! HILARIOUS! And, our friend's tray...over-the-top fabulous!

  11. Love that DIY! I actually bought one of those at Lowe's a few weeks ago, too. Amazing and huge for the price!

  12. OK that DIY tray is seriously amazing. Heading over there to check it out!

  13. Love it! And oh so true... Unfortunately. Loving the earrings. Merry Christmas.

  14. I died when I saw that DIY! It's soooo good.

  15. There are so many things about this post I LOVE! The earrings, the room, the scary sweater man, the wrapping! I adore you, lady! Oh, and did you know I'm a VA girl, too?! :)

  16. Cute bag in the foreground. (I work in computers.)

  17. I love those plates and the earrings. Great looking things, but my list is full to the brim haha.

  18. Replies
    1. By the way, forgot to mention how hysterical I thought your comment was about your CE instructor -- you know he lives for those evenings and I be that is his favorite sweater, after all, it's so festive.

  19. I know can you believe that tray?!! I wish Linda lived next door!

  20. Those Tracy Reese dessert plates are spectacular!

  21. Dickies..hahaha, I haven't heard that word in ages. I love funky Christmas sweaters ( as a joke!) Im happy youre getting in the spirit and hope your holidays don't disappoint! Going to check out those Target items I thought were overpriced, and would love the plates and tray. Have a wonderful Christmas Linds, thanks for all the blog love this year.
    xo Nancy

  22. Those earrings are AWESOME!!! Thanks for introducing me to that awesome shop!
    Merry Christmas!

  23. oooh half off at target?? can't wait to check it out - i also felt that the items were pricy originally. that guy in that sweater is amazing!! haha - merry christmas!!

  24. We have matching wrapping paper.....great minds!! I love me some Linda. She is great. Happy Holidays! - Brandy

  25. So glad Target rolled back the prices on the collab. And happy holidays!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  26. I saw you pin those earrings and fell in love too! The DIY tray as well...amaze! I didn't shop that Target collab either as, although I liked some of the pieced, I didn't think the priced matched the products much. Now is much better although I'm strapped after Christmas shopping for others. Boo. You final photo made me laugh! I feel the same way! I feel like me, who is dressed fashionably and by designers recognized by most in the blogging world, is the one who sticks out around the people at the military installations we live near. As the ladies praise each other on their pretty Wal-Mart sweater combos, I about retch into my Alexander Wang Rocco bag.

    Merry Christmas, Lindsay!


  27. I've completely fallen in love with the dessert plates and earrings. I might by them for myself as a cheeky Christmas present!

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