Tuesday, July 24, 2012

That Jules Reid...she knows best

Forget that Caroline Manzo (RHONJ for those of you who do NOT know) supposedly knows best, because she doesn't. Jules Reid however, does. It is no surprise to most of you that I have been loving Jules Reid for quite some time now. Ever since I saw Jamie Meares sporting a Jules Reid piece in High Gloss Magazine, I was sold. I had to have one of these unique pieces before I experienced a temper tantrum. Her attention to patterns, details and global style absolutely slays me and keeps me coming back for more. Jules pulls inspiration from all over the world for each of her collections, as you can see. 
The fabulous, wonderful, beautiful and talented Jules recently sent me a piece, The Peony, in my favorite Jules Reid print, Tiger Circus. Obsession, much? I wore it to my most recent ladies night out with Richmond's best. This was after we were neglected by our waiter and then was rudely attended to by Theo Huxtable from the Cosby Show. I am totally digging the Cosby's lately. Disclaimer: Please excuse our demonic eyes. 
{Me, ErinJulia}
Don't we love?!? Get you The Peony. 
If you will recall, I also have this little number from Jules Reid that I still wear on the reg. So appropriately it is named "The Virginia" as I am now a Virginian. I feel this, and Jules Reid, should be the state uniform. 
Sporting The Virginia
Ok. So some other items of Jules that I am more than needing in my closet. I mean honestly. Life or death here, peeps.
So what do you think?! Are you guys as smitten as I am? You know I love me a unique piece. Hop on over and see Jules. Loves!


  1. OMG! Theo Huxtable! I die! Great night minus our homeless waiter and Theos attitude! You looked beautiful...and I look like a shrimp next to you leggy ladies!!!

  2. Wow love that dress!! For some reason I have never heard of her- so thanks for the intro!! That tunic is really cute too and I'll take #8- that maxi dress is TDF in that green

  3. I'll take it all. Except my creepy eyes. Let's work on taking pictures before 10:30pm as well. Sunday night is clearly not my best! Such fun and Erin's right, we need to help our homeless waiter out by not eating our food and not requesting more wine. That would be fully appreciated by him.

  4. OMG your dress is stunning! and so different. I'm sure it was the hit of the party! :) I love all her designs as well.

  5. You look stunning. I have been dying for a Jules Reid dress!

  6. If you ever tire of The Virginia, you know where to reach me ;-)

  7. I love Jules Reid you look darling in her goodies!

  8. Tiger Circus is my fave too! I have it in one of the tops! Love!




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