Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For the love of Dana Gibson

Please join me in welcoming my newest, latest, most unique, pattern loving, color adoring sponsor, Dana Gibson. Lucky for me, and not so lucky for Dana , she is so Richmond local that I can almost walk to her shop. Let's face it though, I won't. I first happened upon Dana after driving by (stalking) her shop several times and finally went in for a project I was working on. I was overwhelmed to learn that this was the genius behind the leopard lumbar pillow I had seen everywhere. Needless to say, Dana and I clicked immediately. Her shop is full of even more gorgeousness and inspiring projects. Here is what she has got goin' on. 

Her fabulous furniture. She has many things in her store that are one of a kind and unique in every way imaginable. Here is one of them. 
On to the pillows. My sister and I have decided that she needs this in her new bedroom design. No negotiations. 
I decided I need this in our house. 
And call me the big repeater, but I really want to see another one of these in our house, only in a subtle hue. I love how I call anything associated with leopard a subtle hue. That is called delusion my friends. 

Some of this superb lighting action that Dana is working on. Ummmm this would reside perfectly in a sun room, if I had one. 
Okay. Hold the phone. Hold the freakin' rotary dial phone right there. Black shade on a pink crocodile lamp. Holy. Glam. 
Another fabulous light fixture that I could weave into our home design. Easily. 
Ahhhh Tiffany blue. Dana is a girl after my heart. 
Even though you loves are not as lucky as I am to share my backyard with Dana, you need to head over to her immediately and check out all of the wares she has to offer your house. Your house will thank you. Loves!


  1. In love with the dog pillows and the croc lamp!<3

    Diana from http://thegirlwhocouldntbeafashionista.blogspot.ie/

  2. Oh my goodness...loving everything! You are so lucky to have her in your "backyard"!!! I need that leopard pillow ASAP!


    Dominique @ http://comfycozycouture.blogspot.com

  3. Leopard isn't a subtle hue to everyone? Strange, I completely understand where you're coming from :)
    That pink +black lamp- seriously fabulous

  4. Wow. Oh wow. GORGEOUS things....love every single item you pictured!! Hummmm...I know just the spot for that blue and white lamp!

  5. I'm so obsessed I can't even stand it! I am absolutely going to go stalk her store next week with you! And that lamp. I can't even begin to describe it's fabulousness. I need it. I think it could be the center feature of Wells' room!

  6. Love it and I'll be in Richmond on Thursday so I'll need to schedule extra time for a visit. Yay!

  7. I love her stuff! and that croc lamp!

  8. I have been stalking the pink croc lamps. It was on Joss and Main/One Kings Lane(?) last week and sold out before I could get to it. I will have to stop by her store when I come to Richmond. P.S. We are planning a girls shopping trip in Richmond. I am going to force you and Julia to come hang out!

  9. Congratulations on a wonderful new sponsor! Went on the website. That leopard was on a TRAY! What a piece! The pink croc lamp...a dream

  10. aw i love her stuff - especially the trays and the lamps! good job outta you

  11. Those chevron lanterns are going on my wish list STAT. LOVE them...well everything actually. You have the best sponsors...will go over and check their site.

  12. These are all so cute! I love the dog pillows- may need those!


  13. Oh my goodness! Where do I begin umm I want everything pictured here especially the pillows. Thanks for the introduction now I need a road trip to Richmond!

  14. What a fun store to have so close- I'm jealous!

    I'm SOOO not ready for the big reveal tomorrow- I feel like mine is going to be so sad looking. Oh well, guess there isnt much I can do about it now, right? hahaha

  15. That croc lamp is super fab!!! And the leopard pillow is perfection!!

    Xx. Patience

  16. I love Dana Gibson. Virginia has so many amazing places!

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  18. I am loving the dog pillows... Gotta have!

  19. I think the hanging lights are very retro. They are fantastic.


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