Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to the beach and randoms

We are so headed to the beach this weekend to meet up with our family for some much deserved R&R. This is going to be the first time that Stella and Billie have been to the beach, so this is going to be interesting. Stella will regulate, save some lives and maybe have time for an ice cream cone. That I am sure of. Here are some shots from last years vacation. Pretty sure this chair will now be a landmark for must have pictures each year. This year's picture will be shockingly different now that I have dark brown hair. Chameleon. Here is one of me and my sistas. 
And all of us minus the boys mom. 
I am furiously working to try to finish our guest bedroom. We have a slew of overnight guests trickling in over the next week and I cannot allow them to sleep in anything but a well styled room. More to come on that. I snagged a few items from Craigslist for a steal. Super great bones, just needed a little fun to its life. A little after to a humble before. 
And the rough before. 
Snagged up two of these awesome Chinese red bamboo tables on Craigslist. Let me tell you something, I spotted these and thought, "I really do not need these and have no where to put them."  I am so glad I told my voice of reason to screw off. Seriously. How could I continue living my life without these in them? Exactly. Sorry for the grainy, hazy picture here. 
So on a stuffing my face note. Things I have been loving and wanting to try lately...low calorie liquid meals. I could have this little number for my dinner. Dinner of champions. I am so anti cooking lately, that even I could master this...I think. 
And who doesn't adore a low calorie cocktail?? If you don't, I don't want to know you. If loving this is wrong, I don't want to be right. 
Desperate for peplum. Still. Will it ever end? I hope not. How fabulous is this dress? Hot pink. Low cut. Peplum. Yes. Yes.  And yes. 

Fabulous neon wood grain, marbled rug. Larving this loud statement piece to pizzaz up any room. 
That freaking Jamie Meares has done it again. I tell you. Can this girl go one day without flaunting her fabulousness? I think not. Another awesome space compiled by her awesome self and awesome team. 

Loving this space by Maria Barros. So bright, cheerful and beachy. 

Back to what I will be doing this weekend. Ok so maybe it won't be this clear and blue but fiction can be fun. 
Love you all!! Have a fabulous weekend. See you Monday!


  1. Miss you already friend! You are seriously a craigslist champion! For real.

  2. From Japan. Western women are very fond of Hello Kitty pink from employees. I've heard. It is true.

    1. I would delete this comment however, I am a western woman and I am fond of hello kitty pink from employees. I must say.

  3. Have a great time at the beach! Your Craiglist scores are awesome. I have never found anything on there. Get the pink Peplum Dress, it is gorgeous. Jamie Meares= pure genius. TGIF.

  4. Have a wonderful time at the beach! Those CL finds are spectacular! so glad you snagged them. You know you can't wait and think about it longer than 1/2 a day, or they're gone! Enjoy the R & R.

  5. I am jealous of your craigslist finds! awesome!

  6. This post makes me so happy. I love everything on here. That dress- NEED! Uber jealous of your craigslist finds- they're awesome!

  7. I love the pink and summer and the giant beach chair! My MIL just arrived last night for a week-long visit so my styled-up guest room is already in shambles!


  8. Enjoy the R & R. Love all the finds you have...and the Pink Pagoda prints are killer.

  9. Fun post...THATS a low calorie milkshake? Sold!! Love all your finds, and am a sucker for peplums too. Love the pic of you and your sisters, have a great weekend and enjoy the beach.
    Love the new blog look too!

  10. So glad you got those tables! When I saw them on CL I seriously considered tripping to Richmond to snag them. Glad they will be in a fab home :)

  11. Super finds on CL..awesome! Love that red table!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  12. Ok, first...that comment about Hello Kitty is hysterical! On another note, I am loving the table you redid! Really great Craigslist finds. And I could totally have a birthday cake shake for dinner.

  13. Can I ask what paint color that navy blue is on your walls? I am in search of the perfect navy for my bedroom!

  14. Lindsay! Those red bamboo tables...OMG. I always find myself buying things I have no room for, but we can always MAKE room right? Especially for something as lovely as these!

  15. Love your craiglist finds, and the outfit you were wearing ;)

  16. Wao, I love the Craig's list finds! ANd your renovation of it...amazing! Love that hardware. I still can't figure out how to find nice things on Craig's list. I love that dress too! and have it bookmarked....I bet it looks great on too.

  17. Great finds! Enjoy your beach time!

  18. Awesome, awesome finds!! You lucky girl. Have a great time at the beach.

  19. Great job on the make over! and I love L.O.V.E. that dress. Isn't it timeless?

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