Monday, July 23, 2012

monday musings: the forbidden black and navy

Dollfaces! Happy Monday. Did you all have a fab weekend? Mine was full of wine, a photo shoot, DIY, thrifting, reading the entire second book of the Shades of Gray series in one sitting (embarrassing) and a little girls night out with my Richmond besties Erin and Jules. It never seems long enough but thank you baby Jesus, we are heading to the beach this coming weekend with our family. It is early Monday morning and all I can think of is next weekend. Oy. 

Today I am talking about the once forbidden black and navy color combo.  People, black and blue is no longer only uttered when you order how you want your steak cooked. I got on this topic due to a rant I had last week when a co-worker foolishly talked about how the combination of navy and black was uncalled for and no one should do it. The things that get my blood boiling. The designer in me took the gloves off and started naming exceptions. She wasn't buying it. I put the "no navy and black" rule in the same category as the "no white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day" rule and the "no black and brown" rule. These fashion and design laws no longer apply in my opinion. And for those of you who know me, know that I live by the motto that "rules were made to be broken." Nice. I know. If things are accessorized properly, it totally works.

This room is too fabulous for words. I have to clean up the drool escaping the side of my mouth. Actually that headboard fabric is all too familiar, as I have my overstuffed chair covered in it. Great minds, my friends. Great minds. The fabulous blues present mixed with the blackcent accessories: black bed skirt and the black bolster are too much to take. 
A lovely little den/living space that I have been gushing after. Let's please address the large blue lacquered elephant in the room. Shall we? It is fabulous. We have many tones of blue and black at play here and it more than works. 
I know this picture has been seen around the blogosphere on the reg, but it is the perfect illustration of black and blue playing well together. Ohhh and a little mint green, if you will. The space is absolutely perfect in every way. 
Ummm so who doesn't adore a coffered ceiling? For reals. I love the bold statement the designer made here wallpapering the coffered ceiling in the once forbidden black and blue combo. All of the pattern and hue mixing and matching takes a girls breath away.
And a close up of this amazing ceiling. 
This moody den is too fabulous for words. It is quite apparent that the navy and black combo was intentional here and it is lovely. I know all of the people who are still stuck abiding by these "rules" are dying right now with the mixture of the brown draperies in the space. Black and brown and navy. Oh my. 
A great solution for those of us who have the dreaded paneled walls and do not want to get rid of them entirely. Paint them black! How striking is this? Add some navy accessorizing and we are black and blue all of the way. .
{sf girl by bay}
I love the permanence of rule breaking happening in this black and blue kitchen. Black walls and floor mixed with the navy cabinetry. This designer was confident in the bold statement being made. 
A lovely living space with obvious mixture of navy and black. The white backdrop of the space helps blend the two hues. I am dying over those matching gold filigree lamps with the black drum shades. I totally need to loot these....
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  1. Great post. Love all the examples.

  2. I think it takes a certain person and space to be able to use these color combinations. I agree that so called "rules" are just placing limitations on the person following the "rules". I say do whatever you like! The coffered ceiling photograph is probably my favorite, although I think they went a little overboard with the number of blue and white variations.

  3. lol your musings amuse me... my 19yr old daughter just finished the 2nd shades of grey book and is trying to get me to read them... awkward!
    so anyway black and blue totally works in all these pics...rules schmules... if it looks good and feels good go for it!
    Bec x

  4. ahhhhhhhhh i love this combo. i love it.

    how was your girls night out?

    which beach do you guys go to?


  5. I love black and navy. I find it so elegant. One of my fave sweaters is navy and goes with everything! And didn't YSL shock everyone years ago with a navy and black dress? And now Jill Sanders collection is mostly navy and black. You just have to know how to do it right. Awesome inspiration images.

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  7. I'm going to need to copy that room fourth from the bottom in my house. Perfect reading room. And I'm a huge fan of mixing all the darks in together. Black, brown, grey, done and done.

  8. I HATE RULES....These rooms are to die for! One could go nuts trying to adhere to all the dos and don't s in this world!

  9. Wow, I've been thinking all weekend about a black and navy room.... Also how I'm totally doing this look for fall:


  10. Oh my goodness that bedroom. What a happy place. Pinning asap.

  11. Wow wow wow. Can my house please look like that? k. thanks.

    xo, Emily

  12. Love this! I have a little black and navy together in my dining area and have been wanting to add more. What great inspiration!

  13. Navy and black totally go together, I love the look and rock it all the time. Can I live in each of those rooms to??
    PS don't be embarressed I'm pretty sure I read all 3 of the books of a 3 day time span!

  14. Yep I adore navy and black together- in fashion as well as interiors. I am still reading book 2 and getting bored with all the amazing sex.

  15. I used to think black and navy was a mortal sin. Then, I graduated from high school and realized how chic this combo can be. I think navy and black are like star-crossed lovers: everyone saying "it'll never work" and then them showing you they are undeniably great together!

  16. Oooh that first photo totally caught my eye!

  17. What about the huge fashion trend in the early 90s of navy and black? Y'all must be too young to know of that. My awesome navy and black outfit was one of my favorites and I thought I completely rocked it : )

  18. I love navy and black together! I love black with everything...

  19. Love these two together, and how gorgeous is that room with green in it too?!

  20. You have great taste! Each of these rooms is spectacular! Lots of Pinterest inspiration pics here for me!
    xox alison

  21. Yum. I want to wear that third room.


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