Friday, July 20, 2012

Bungalow Packin' Heat Bag Review

So I was recently contacted by Bungalow Co who is behind the brand of Scout. Scout has items all across the spectrum from travel gear to area rugs. Diversification is their game. I mean what is not to love, obviously we are sister sites with dog silhouettes as our logos. They have good taste. Obviously. When they mentioned they wanted to send me a special something I was beyond thrilled as I was in desperation for a new makeup bag. Desperado. I am the kind of girl who foolishly acquires expensive non-washable materials to house my darkest and messiest of makeup. I would say nine times out of ten, I am sticking my hand into a bottomless pit of a smokey glittery catastrophe. It is risky to quite risky. 

Naturally I picked out a piece that looked to be durable, washable and most importantly fashionable. Ohhh and another one of my key requirements? Monogramable. This is a word. We all know I am a whore for anything monogrammed. Which led me to the Packin' Heat Travel Bag. They had a fabulous reptile print with the option of a pink monogram. Sold and sold. Here she is. In all of her glory. And such generous sizing here to serve as my new dumping ground for products. 
And a peek into her undercarriage. 
Don't we adore her? The water resistant material is going to serve me well. I just know it. These pieces would make awesome gifts for bridesmaids, birthdays or just because. My only suggestion is that I think they should revise their logo to some Stella and Billie silhouette action.  Go get you some. 


  1. i want one too!! I LOVE this color combo- mainly because I think they will be the other two colors in my one room makeover, but shhhh dont tell anyone :)

    I think I need a makeup bag like this for my bedroom now, wonder where I could use it in there? hmmmm

  2. LOVE this bag! checking out scout now. thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower!

  3. SCOUT is one of my faaaavorites! I have this same bag but in a striped print from a few years back. It's so durable and fits A TON inside it. I love the monogram on yours and the print! Too cute!

  4. oh em geeeee. I want that! I'm a lover of monograms too and I love the color combo and the print! I think it would be a makeup bag because I hate getting makeup on everything.. seems like it would be way easier to keep clean!

  5. Very nice. Can you share more details on such options?


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