Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Room Challenge: Week Three

Pinch me already. How is it already Week Three of the ORC?? Time flies when you are stressed beyond belief and in outright misery. But hey, we are all having so much fun here. We do it all for you. Today, I am sharing my latest DIY in my office. The DIY design wall. Dunnn, dunnn, dunnnnn (sound effect). It is not as intimidating and scary as it sounds. You know I would never ever lie to you. 

I have needed this design wall desperately for ages to eliminate the piles and stacks of samples, fabric and inspiration that once resided on the real estate of my desk. Not so glam and not so functional. Actually. We all know I am certainly about practicality. What could be better than making a large focal point on my once bare wall to share and organize all of this design goodness in one place? Nothing. That is what. On a side note, it seems to me that someone is on a leopard kick. I think that would be me...
So I originally got this idea from my second design crush (we all know who my first design crush is), Amber Interiors back in 2011. I was obviously gun shy on pulling the trigger. I will break it down the steps in a little more details for you all. Sorry there are no tutorial pictures to follow along.

Foam Insulation board, like this. I cut mine to a 72x24 size
2 sets of cork tiles, like these
Spray adhesive
Stapler gun
Fabric. For those of you interested, the fabric is a Robert Kauffman animal print. 


Start with the foam board and carefully adhere each cork tile to the piece. Obviously lining them up accordingly. If your foam insulation board had to be cut into pieces, like ahem mine, you can always duct tape the pieces together to get the size you want. It wont be gorgeous, but it doesn't matter. 
After allowing the adhesive to dry, lay the fabric face side down and place the cork tile side directly on to the fabric. Pull the fabric tight and secure with staples on one side. I did this to use the side as a guide and also a place holder for when I used the spray adhesive. Flip the board face up and start smoothing the fabric out. You will start using the spray adhesive in sections to secure the fabric. Once all of that is done, go ahead and flip the board back over and secure the backing. I used spray adhesive AND staples. Much like a face lift. Dr. Lindsay, MD. 
Once that is all done, you will add trim and then you have a finished product. Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squeezy. I centered the board and nailed it directly into the wall. Much more secure that way. 

And the wall with a little mood lighting, of course! 
So week three is now complete and things are really starting to come together. I will give you a little peek of what else is going on in here. Also, a new rug may or may not have arrived yesterday...
And all of the straight jacket eligible participants that are partaking in this insane challenge with me...
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Until week four...


  1. This looks fantastic Linds! You know I'm in love with that fabric! And I'm going to need to see more if that rug!

  2. Love me some leopard always! Genius idea- I am still laughing about the facelift comment too funny! Coming along nicely!

  3. I love that leopard covered board! I need to do that in my office, and it was great that you just nailed it to the wall. Good job Lindsay! good tips and good luck with stress management!

  4. that is awesome! your room is coming together quite nicely! but who's surprised?? : )

  5. I love custom cork boards. Yours looks great!

  6. I love the leopard...I did a board for my son's room in faux alligator which was super fun. I love the mood lighting you put over it...nice touch. The whole thing looks fab!

  7. It looks SO good! I am sucker for animal print. Pinning this idea now!

  8. this is AWESOME. loving the leopard girlie! way to go

  9. Lindsay you rock! I have been desperate for one of these for ages now, not really sure how to accomplish it and all that though. You are the best for showing us yours and how easy it was to put together! I think I just found my weekend project.... ;)

  10. Way to rock a staple gun. The leopard and the black frame, then you have that gold lamp. Perfection!

  11. Looovely! Are those pillows from West Elm? I've been looking all over for some classy gold-tone pillows and I love yours!

  12. I love it. The project turned out great and gives you a beautiful spot for all life's little messes!

  13. I feel you on the stressed out part! It's looking so good! Love the light above your design board. Hang in there :)

  14. Passing out over the leopard. (In a good way.)

  15. I love the leopard print for the back drop....makes it more interesting...great mind is spinning with so many fabric ideas to this project in.....hhmmmmm

  16. Why didn't you make 2? One for both of us:)

  17. I love the leopard! And I love the SIZE! Everything is better when bigger ... right???!! Love the look and the mood lighting makes it!

  18. Fabulous board! The accent light is a great touch!

    I am already loving your stylish, glam office space!

    By the way, I am hosting a fabulous giveaway! Come by and enter for a chance to win $100 credit towards a beautiful personalized canvas, if you like!

    This is a giveaway you don't want to miss!


  19. Ooo, I love it! The leopard is beyond fab! My fave design board ever! And love the extra touch of adding the picture light above it, making it its own work of art!

    Love the new banner too!


  20. Rawr! Looking good! I'm desperate to carve out a little space for an inspiration board in my tiny apartment. Very excited to see next week's update! xx

  21. Great DIY! Who doesn't need that for some reason or another? I certainly do! Your office is looking so chic and glamorous. Can't wait to see what you do next week!

  22. Your office is looking fabulous! Love the animal print bulletin board - tres chic!

  23. we are about to move and i'll need another bulletin board b/c I have a huge one in my home office ,that will stay with the new buyers....this is a FAB tutorial and a GREAT way to make a new one glad to have found this tutorial in time! you always have fun stuff that inspires....thx and have a great day!

  24. fantastic it...


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