Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a dining room design and what has been up...

Pumpkins! I have been working for the weekend. Obviously. Here is one of my latest design projects I have been working on for a repeat client. She is beyond fabulous. She already had an amazing crystal chandelier in the space, as well as, a Persian rug that was a family heirloom. Lucky her. Why do I not inherit such fabulous heirlooms? Her existing Persian rug has gorgeous hints of mint green, which we decided to play up in the space. For those of you who are curious about the rug I used in this board, its Furbish. We chose cream duponi silk ceiling to floor draperies to compliment the space. I cannot wait to see this design implemented. 
And around my house. I have found some fabulous pieces as of lately, my friends. I tell you what. I have forever seen brightly painted ikat jars, pillows and accessories around the design world and deeply longed for them. Since I have moved to Richmond, I kept driving by this store front and kept telling myself I had to go in. Well I did. Come to find out the fabulous and very local Dana Gibson is the woman behind all of the design magic. I was so overcome with excitement when I met her. I know she thinks I am some sort of a stalker. Here is a pillow I picked up at her place. Obsessed. 
Pillow by Dana Gibson
I am on a major Furbish kick lately. No items too big or too small. I do not discriminate. Here is my newest leopard key fob to adorn my once lonely keys. 
Furbish Leopard Key Fob and Furbish Tray from the archives
Furbish was so fabulous to send me these fun coasters that now reside in about every room in our house. Again. Obsessed. Isn't this gold wishbone to die for? Picked it up at a local store called Ruth and Ollie.
Furbish Coasters and recent gold wishbone
New snow leopard fabric I scored to make oversized throw pillows. Boss. Now I need to enlist the help of someone who can fashion these for me. Why I still have not legitimately learned to sew is beyond me. 
New baubles up in here. My girl Julia got me turned on to these J. Crew like necklaces and now I have become a hoarder. I have bought two as of today. I cannot promise those will be the last either. They just make any ordinary choice of clothing, a show stopping outfit. Trust. Also, my new fave earrings I snagged from none other than Furbish during their 4th of July jewelry sale. 
Emerald Earrings and J.Crew knockoff bauble necklace
Sorry for the highly pixelated pictures. Hopefully you loves will forgive me. Have a fabulous Tuesday! 


  1. I am so jelly of your dana gibson pillow and that you met her. It's not even a bean. It's a jelly tree. The bean grew and here it is. All big and tall and staring from 2 miles away at your pillow. I'm glad you're a necklace hoarder. I'm going to need to order a second one too. And a gorgeous ikat pottery, I'm so in need. Oh, and LOVES that design board!

  2. I have 2 jcrew bubble look alikes now and no intentions of stopping there either. You are so right about it making the outfit. That pillow- wow!

  3. OK. I've gone digging through Julia's blog and still do not see the source of your cool necklace. Where did you get it? Tx.

  4. Understand your Furbish obsession. Totally planned a Mommy shopping escape when they opened.
    It fell through.

  5. LOVE the pillow. I did my own version for my master bedroom and it is seriously a fave! I have three of those necklace, on a cute little bust, eee, must.be.stopped. As far as the new fabric, wish I were in Richmond to join you and Julia for a glass on wine and whip some up!

  6. thank the christ for you and julia introducing me to the bauble necklaces!! i had to buy one right away.

    i didnt know dana gibson is in the RIC!?! She has the best painted toleware!

  7. Love these little glimpses of your house! I spy a fab red sideboard that is to DIE for!

    xoxo, Emily

  8. Oooh I am in love with that adorable pillow! Such great pieces!

  9. I am with on the Furbish bandwagon...I could seriously buy everything in that store (well if won the lottery)!! That pillow is adorable!! Oh and I am a bubble necklace hoarder as well. I'm not ashamed to admit it!



  10. I've been lusting Julia's necklaces forever and now you too! I must order one, or two...or three.

  11. LOVE your board and am so jelly of all your Furbish scores!

  12. The J Crew necklaces are my favorite new accessory! Must make a trip to Furbish during my next visit in Raleigh area. Love your finds!

  13. Love your styleboard and your new finds! So much fun! :-)

  14. Love, love, love, the style board, love anything and everything from Furbish!!! I'm on my way to get my "JCrew" necklace! Thanks for reminding me!


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