Monday, June 20, 2011

monday musings: pom poms

This post goes out to all of you pom pom enthusiasts...and we do not be mean cheerleaders. We love the youthful and whimsical feeling these accessories bring to a space. Whether it be adorning furniture, window coverings, making an appearance at a soiree or even decorating your neck...we can't seem to get enough of the poms. They bring in unexpected pops of color and are the perfect addition to stylize any space.

So this room is a nursery. Lucky, lucky, ducky baby. How amazing is this space? Pretty amazing. This reminds us entirely of an Anthropologie catalog. The multi color poms suspended from the ceiling, absolutely make this space. Adore the sock monkey on the bed. His fabulous-ness definitely competes with that of the poms.
Insanely fun space. From the the wall. Pretty sure that is a Lil Jon song. But seriously, the window coverings are insane. Dramatic cobalt blue velvet drapes trimmed in magenta pom poms? Amazing.
We are loving this canopy bed accessorized with pom pom curtains. This is such a unique use of the pom and we are loving the creativity here. Although utilized in a neutral shade, it adds depth to the room with the dramatic pleated curtains. We love the monogrammed linens as well. Obviously.
A little pom curtain diy for all of you brave Martha Stewart's out there. Literally, this diy is from Martha herself. What a fab use of the pom curtains. Very thoughtful placement, creating a private little office space in a smaller room. 
We had to incorporate party poms into this post. I mean come on. Suspended from trees in an outdoor space? This is gorg. Talk about whimsical. This looks fairytale-esque. Yes. That is a word. These would be simple to recreate with loads of tissue paper. 
So here are some poms for your neck. We are obsessed with these necklaces. So obsessed, that we decided to follow the awesome tutorial listed below. The tutorial creates a single strand pom necklace, but we decided to be brave and recreate the multi strand look shown below. We will share with you all soon. Needless to say, we have a lot of pom trim hanging around the house. 
Again, another diy for all of you crafters out there. What a fun decoration for a fabulous party. Again, has a very Anthropologie like feel to it. This could be great for any event. Loving, loving, adoring.
So what do you all think? Are you into the poms as much as we are? Have you found any fun diy's to share with the group?


  1. I LOVE any type of pom! I actually made tissue paper poms for my wedding and most recently made fabric poms for a friends baby shower & nursery....

  2. Lindsay, I love the pom pom post! I'll def repost this week on

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