Monday, June 6, 2011

monday musings: navy, yellow and gray

Is it already Monday? Yes. It. Is. The weekends always seem at least one day too short. Every weekend should be a three day weekend in s+s's humble opinion. And we are very humble. 

We are in the process of doing an e-design for a clients master bedroom. Navy is a color that is near and dear to their heart since it was part of their wedding colors! We thought that would be a fabulous theme for their master because clearly they love the color, and it would bring fond memories of their big day.

While fabulous, navy and grey tend to be thought of as a more masculine colors. We wanted to add a flirty hue to the room as well...A splash of yellow is sure to brighten up the seriousness of the room and give it a playful aura. Rich, luxe white linens, brass accessories. The. Works. This room is going to be Fab. Ulous.  Those both just became words. 

Here are some images that are serving as inspiration for our bedroom design.

Holy chandelier. Wowie. Seriously?? The blue french doors are absolutely breathtaking and play well off of the blue lacquer dining table. We love how there are a few shades of blue being used in this small space. And you know what? It works!

This room is so clean and chic. The headboards are gorg being a rough linen texture adorned with a fabulous nailhead trim. Clean white linens? Please and thank you. Do you see the ceiling? Wallpapered ceiling. Clever. We love it. 
Love the yellow dress. Oh wait. We are supposed to be talking about the space. Ok, ok. I tend to bounce off topic easily. Amazing Louis IV chair. Again with the clean colors in the room and pops of color. Kudos on the gallery wall as well. 
I dont know about you all, but we are dying over that lamp. That blue and white designed porcelain is some of our faves. What a gorgeous, intricate bed. 
Love the shape of this room and it is definitely well utilized. The overhead shade is so unexpected in this space and it really draws the attention above. Oh and who doesn't love a chevron rug in any space? Not us! Fabulous and mature artwork in this space.
Capiz shell chandelier? Loving it! Light fixtures get us everytime! Loving the matching lamp shades bedside. A sleek shade with a black trim may be making its way into our clients space. Elegant look. The tufted, nailhead ottoman is a grand addition to the foot of any bed! Gorgeous room! Gorgeous!
This clover canopy bed is so unique and we absolutely adore it. Finished off with the sunburst mirror, it totally works for this eclectic space. There are so many patterns happening in this one area and yet it is completely unified. 
This print used with the headboard is absolutely stunning. Obviously calls for clean white linens and a navy wall. These folks answered the call. Divine.
Lots happening this week at not forget to enter in the Haymarket Designs giveaway, (you would be foolish not to enter for this fabulous prize!) S+S home wall art reveal, Amber Lewis is sharing one of her favorite spaces with us, S+S e-design and more!


  1. I love the combination of these colors, so classic and gorgeous!

  2. Could you tell me what company makes the bedding in the picture that features the Capiz shell chandelier? I love it! Thank you! :)

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