Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Favorite Room Feature: Sheridan French

Today our favorite clothing designer, style aficionado and hysterical commentator is sharing her favorite room with us. We are talking about none other than, Sheridan French. Sheridan has the most unique and amazing eye for fashion which does not fall short of incorporating the entire color wheel of neons. We just can't get enough. We absolutely adore Sheridan and we know you will too!

Hi readers! I was tickled to bits when S+S asked me to do a Favorite Room Feature. I absolutely adore interior design - and adore our home! - so being able to share a part of my world with you was a real treat. I hope you like what you see!

My first thought was to share our living room...
BUT I have already featured it on my blog a number of times {see the Before and After here if you are interested}, and others have blogged about it as well, so I wanted to do something really fresh for you guys. That lead me to our...


Our kitchen is where we spend most time as a family. It is definitely the center of our home. Breakfast with the kids {ok so I took away the TWO high chairs for the picture and wiped the baby food off of the table/floor/walls/door handles/ get the idea} is how we start the day, with the dogs going wild around and around and around the table, Biz reading news on his iPad, Big Squish watching Wall-E on mine his, me trying to teach Miss Munchkin how to eat pureed bananas though most end up on my is beautiful chaos! I love our kitchen :) 

The details are really phenomenal if I do say so myself! Ohhh the backsplash. I think about proposing to it all the time. The tiles are antique and were imported from France. I swear I discover a new animal every day. My favorite is the mother swan with her little baby. Heartsies. The faucet over the range for filling pots is also extremely handy.

The Viking oven and range are fabulous. It is gas and I always feel so old fashioned when I cook on it. I mean, I think I felt that's been so long since I last cooked I can't remember! {Kidding ;) I cooked meat loaf last night actually. Gold star.} I keep my copper tea kettle out on the range all the time, regardless of whether I use it or not. It was a wedding gift and I love seeing it every morning. 

I love the chicken wire on the cabinets!! Again, I am just taken back in time when I sit and stare at them. It makes me want to go buy a farm! 
Farmhouse sink and GORGEOUS blue lapis countertops and backsplash behind the sink. J'adore. Mucho.

On either side of the sink are four curved shelves that are filled to the brim with family photos and special treasures. Makes washing dishes a bit more bearable to be able to look at those ;) 

Just adore the window latches. European to the core.
This is my view out into our back yard from above the sink. 

One of my favorite items that is regularly in the kitchen are these two bottles of tequila. They are empty now...oops...but Biz and I picked them up in Cabo two years ago. They are beautiful to leave out just for decoration, but the best part is that you take off the tops and poof! Instant candle holders!! 

The other side of the kitchen not shown in the first photo holds my favorite piece of furniture I have ever bought...
A cabinet straight off of Anthropologie's website!
I swear we are keeping Justin's in business...

There are swinging doors on either side of the cabinet that lead into the dining room. I just HAD to show you the other side of the doors - officially the dining room doors - as they are exquisite beyond words and I will cry myself to sleep for 46 days straight after we move and they are no longer mine.

Thank you so much for reading! You are more than welcome to come feel cozy in my kitchen any time. Swing by my blog, The Southern Eclectic, for more fashion and interior design fun {and cooking and babies and dogs and more!} I would love for you to enter my current giveaway to win your choice of clothing from my Spring 2011 Collection - visit my website here to see! - and go here for the giveaway and how to enter.

Thanks again for having me ladies! Loved every second of this. Mwah!


  1. So much to love, the kitchen is over the top fabulous, love the wire front cabinets the fabulous antique looking cabinetry..its all gorgeous!

  2. I love, love, love that kitchen!!!!! Such detail!


  3. Looks great! I love all the european weathered details!

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