Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Musings: Neon Hues

Something to wake you right up this Monday morning...neon bright hues. Thats right. No we are not back in the 80's and yes fashion has yet again come full circle. There is something so nostalgic about these colors for people our age and why not incorporate it into decor? So fun! Now I wouldn't recommend doing your entire space in the color scheme, but pops and hints of the shades? Absolutely. 

Screaming pink chairs in a sophisticated space? I think so. 
Neon yellow chairs in a dining room/library. This space is so intriguing. Obviously the dark canvas the designer built the room from was complimented with loud accents, including the amazing light fixture. I have seen an amazing diy for one just like it, here. Simple and oh so chic. 
Again with the grey backdrop. We love the dramatic contrast. NB stands for??? Lets guess. New baby? Never bark? I need that for my dogs. Yes. That is what it stands for. No bark. 
Hot pink linen bedding. Gorg. 
Pops of neon hues in this ultra worldly space. Velvet neon, no less. Larving. 
Neon club foot tub. So unique. Guaranteed they are the only people on the planet with this tub. 
Another grey room with loud accessories. Cannot seem to get enough of it. Oh and those books. We want to close ourselves in that room and read for weeks! 
Welcome back to reality, my friends. We hope you have a great Monday. More to come this week...keep your eyes peeled. 


  1. I love every single picture in this post! Lovely pops of pink!

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