Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Series: Citrus Sizzle Cocktail

Did I promise you a cocktail this week, or did I promise you a cocktail? I am pretty sure I promised you one. Well here she be. My citrus sizzle. With my hectic work schedule, design work and the overall chaotic life I lead, more and more I have been finding myself needing a little happy hour cocktail. Since we are in the throws of Summer, I have a few requirements for my libations. 1. It must be colorful. (Yes, only for me would that be a requirement. Psycho.) 2. It must be an adult beverage.(alcohol, duh). 3. It must be refreshing. 4. It must not contain 1,000 calories. I know I always mess with you guys and tell you my recipes are zero calories. I am such a jerk like that. But this time, this time only, this recipe really is a low calorie drink. You will NOT be disappointed. I have the perfect dress to match this cocktail. Who does that?!? Honestly. Matching their outfit to their drink. I swear it is catalogued in the DSM as a documented mental illness. Let's citrus sizzle. 
In case you are having a minor mental blackout, here is what is going on...

The Citrus Sizzle Cocktail

1 shot of Orange Vodka (I prefer Grey Goose. I am classy like that.)
Diet 7-Up
Sugar Free Sweet and Sour Mix 
2 Maraschino Cherries + a splash of the juice
Orange Wedge

Make sure you rim your glass with water and salt before mixing your concoction. Then, mix all ingredients together and a cocktail you shall have. 

Drink and repeat. Seriously. All 4 must haves, have been met for my cocktail checklist. 
So my girl Courtney over at a A Little Glass Box has left you a little food for thought, no pun intended. No. You know what?!?! Pun intended. Courtney has some serious Summer fare happening over at her place today. I want to gorge myself with what she has got goin' on. 
I will have 16 of these. Please and thank you. 
What's on the agenda for next week on Summer Series? Fashion, my friends. Loves!


  1. This looks delicious - I have not had a good Summer cocktail in ages!

  2. i love your stipulations for your bev...you win and it looks ridic. and those ikat napkins are my fave for summer right now! finally, i'll have a slider...or four. thanks : )

  3. Love this blog! Where did you get the wonderful pink Ikat napkins?

    1. Thank you so much! Ok here is the link for the brand but this is a huge set!! http://www.celebrationsensations.net/CaspariTangiersFuchsiaCocktailNapkins240ct9704C

  4. I'm making this tonight! The salt put me over the edge. Have you tried Skinny Girl vodka? Not half bad.

    1. I am a total supporter of all skinny girl products!!

  5. I need this cocktail now and it is only 9:43 am! It is the summer though right??

  6. I will have to try that citrus sizzle cocktail! It looks so refreshing!! :)


  7. So colorful! I love the ikat paper napkins :) how cute is that.

  8. Yum, I'll take one, ok who am I kidding, I'll take 3 of those right now please!

  9. Oh my mouth is watering. MMMM.....summer drinks! :)

  10. I need one now please! That honestly sounds fabulous. I'm dreaming of us sipping them together on a patio somewhere talking about all things design.

  11. So summery - the perfect barbecue cocktail - shame it's raining again in the UK!

  12. Oh these sound so delicious...I can't wait to try them out!!! Summer drinks on the porch= the BEST!!! Thanks for sharing :)



  13. Haven't even read the recipe yet, but the photo is awesome.


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