Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Favorite Room Feature: A Newfound Treasure

Lovers! How are we this morning? For the record, as I was complaining about the weather yesterday, you can guess what happened. Heat and humidity struck me down hard. Hard. I guess I deserved that. Lesson learned. Not. On to the real deal this morning. The darling Anna from A Newfound Treasure is sharing her favorite space with us today! Her living room. Anna has a lifestyle blog that focuses on everything that is pretty. From interiors, to fashion to her adorable boys!! Ahhh. Anna is the sweetest. Love her little space as well. Floor is yours Anna!

I am so honored to be sharing on one of my favorite blogs today! I am Anna, and I write a lifestyle blog called A Newfound Treasure. When I was asked to choose a room in my house that was my favorite, I had a hard time. None of the rooms in our rental home are perfect or nearly everything that I want them to be, but I think that our breakfast nook is the closest to being complete. Because we are renting, I am stuck with a few eye-sores that I'm trying to cover up and distract from. Linoleum floors, light fixtures and wall colors are just a few of the things that drive me crazy about this house. I cannot paint the walls, so instead of having them a pretty light grey, I'm stuck with his yellowy-tan color. It could be worse, right?

On a more positive note: I'll share the things about this space that put a smile on my face. The drapes were one of my latest additions to the room. I love how they puddle at the bottom where they meet the floor!
I recently painted this canvas a pretty coral color. I love the graphic touch that a solid piece of art brings to the room. 
I adore my tulip table and Eames chairs. They are modern and so my style! Also, in an effort to cover the linoleum floors, I threw a rug down which adds some nice texture to the room.
Although it's not perfect, our breakfast nook is definitely heading in the right direction! I'm going with the "less is more" approach and keeping things simple around here for now. I hope you all enjoyed a little peek into my favorite space in my home. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love Anna and her room is so kick ass! And seriously this humidity is swamping us over here. We're running of out Beat Band.

  2. Love the room and Anna's blog is one of my dailies!

  3. love it- her eating area looks very similar to mine. I now feel very inspired to buy a tulip table!

  4. Love the room! I always heart a tulip table. Off to check out Anna's blog!

  5. oohh I just love that buffett! is that wisteria?

  6. Looks like the most splendid way to start the at the corner table within a light-filled space...gorgeous vignette! I can see why she's your fave!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  7. Love Anna's blog and love this room. Everything looks great. Love that table and those chairs!

  8. I love Anna's place. And love the light that comes in the dining room.

  9. We're big fans of A Newfound Treasure! So happy to see her featured on S+S today. :) The DIY painted canvas is my favorite element in the room!!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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