Monday, June 25, 2012

monday musings: animals in decor

Lovelies! How I missed you over the weekend. How was it? Mine was super busy chocked full of projects, fun and the pleasure of being overserved on Saturday night. Oy. Sunday was definitely a bit of a rough day and I quickly realized I am no longer 20. Sigh. Nothing that a little run for the border (ahem TB) and two naps couldn't fix. Anyhoooo. For those of you who know me, know that I am obsessed with animals. Obsessed. Obviously dogs are my number one jam, but aside from dogs, I do not play favorites. Animals have become my favorite go to accessory to funk up a space and give it a unique feel. When done right, it is really quite glamorous. Just wait for it.

How hilarious is this?!?! Honestly. Somewhat obsessed with Bailey's "Smoking Pussy." Cat! Cat, girls. It gives her gorgeous traditional bedroom the perfect amount edge that it needed. 
{peppermint bliss}
I saw this bedroom last week and have been in love ever since. Notice the framed camel happening here. Well at least it looks like a camel with subtle humps. Yes. That is what it is. A subtle humped camel. Dear. 
Love the equestrian theme happening here. A gallery wall of different proportions of a horse's body. Also, notice the stool in the space also has horse legs. Love it. 
{atlanta homes magazine}
On to the animal statues in a space. Not sure I will ever tire of this trend. I spy a cat, dog and elephant all in one bookcase styling. It works. 
And again in the same space, animal art AND a chinoiserie dog. Such a stately room and this definitely adds some novelty to the vignette. 
{design sponge}
A dog lamp?!?! Done. Again, great colorful and inviting area but totally topped off with none other than an animal. Kind of a strange looking dog but I do not discriminate. 
Ahhhh. This galley kitchen is melting my heart. All of the details and the monochromatic palette have me swooning. Ummm horse statue? Yes. Adore it. 
{house beautiful}
And a little tiny horse statue used for coffee table styling. Perfection. 
{emily henderson for hgtv}
Big week happening here my loves. Tomorrow is the last day for Courtney and my Summer Series. We are finishing off with a DIY. Watch out. Also, the start of a 6 week renovation project that lots of my bloggy friends are also participating in. Not to mention a special guest. AND do not forget to enter yourselves into the giveaway of a lifetime, The Furby Furb Giveaway. You will be sorry if you don't. For reals. 


  1. love me some animal decor! Yup, sure do.

  2. Love animals in decor.......such a great source of inspiration as you have shown!

  3. Loving all of the animals...I have acquired my fair share lately!!! I think you are on to something! THanks for sharing :)


    Dominique @

  4. No room is complete to me without some animal art, and no home without the real thing!

  5. I have creepy animals all over my house. It is becoming a problem.

  6. I love a woman who loves the TB as much as I do! Fast food cures all hangovers. I indulged in Bojangles yesterday to help mine! Great animal pictures!

    1. Seriously! I must be stopped. The sodium levels are extreme for me but I cannot put the brakes on when running for the border. Oh girl, I love me some Bojangs.

  7. I have some pig art in my house but lately I have been jonesing for a white dog statue for my living room bookshelf! I am such a dog lOver and feel like I should have that displayed in my house.

    1. Absolutely! Get yourself a little dog something or other!

  8. I cant quit with the animals!! I have straffordshire dogs in our bedroom, a greyhound statue in the living room, and lots of small decor that I have picked up in my travels including a trip to Africa! I must be stopped!!!

    1. And why should you? They are fabulous! Do not resist the urge. Do not.

  9. I just scored a whole bunch of old horse trophies from a garage sale this weekend. This is giving me a lot of good ideas as to what to do with them. Thanks!

    1. Get it girl! Why do I never find good finds at a a garage sale? Sigh. So jelly.

  10. Absolutely. It adds so much fun to any space.

  11. Oh, you know I love this! This is the epitome of Couture Zoo! Decor + animals is where it's at for me! Love this post!


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