Monday, February 27, 2012

monday musings: spring has sprung interiors

That's right. It is February and Spring has DEFINITELY sprung here in NC. Temperatures are unseasonably warm, the sun is shining, and I swear things are in bloom. This bizarre weather has us ready for the Spring season. That means fun florals, pastels and light and airy spaces. We love how the start of a new season gives a sense of starting fresh. These spaces are fresh to death. 

How 'bout that bone in-laid chest of drawers?!!! Loves it. We love the slight femininity and delicacy that this room exudes. Those bubble gum pink floral drapes are so lovely we cannot even stand it. Doesn't this room just make you want to frolic in a meadow somewhere? Sure. 
Ok. Ok. We know this kelly green backdrop for this room is different. But it works. We love the unusual floral upholstered headboard here. The intricate curves and tufting are absolutely amazing. This room is the perfect instance of Spring, springing. 
This space is so light and airy and we absolutely love it. The pops of chartreuse and purple add the perfect amount of blooming colors to bring this aesthetic into the springy category. That bamboo bed??! Need it. Now. 
Onward and upward to our Spring-like powder rooms. This wallpaper is in full bloom my friends. How gorgy is this?! We love that the accessories are simplified in this space in order to let the walls do the talking. Except for that amazing chartreuse, velvet, tufted ottoman. It had to be said. It's ah-mazing. 
Another wonderfully Spring, floral wallpapered space. Again, the simplicity of the accessories do not deter from the loveliness that resides on that walls. Who loves those monogrammed towels? Yes, yes we do. 
Ok. You girls know we never met a stripe that we didn't like. This room is no exception. The robin's egg blue striped walls give us such a spring like feeling we cannot even handle it. Those carrera marble exposed sinks are truly stroke worthy. Organization friendly? No. Aesthetically pleasing. Beyond. We also cannot resist any space with a vase full of fluffy hydrangeas.
On to lovely pastel, Springy kitchens. We are definitely digging the robin's egg blue look. This kitchen is beyond light and airy and is nothing short of gorgeous. We could see ourselves cooking many meals in here. Or opening take out boxes. Tomato, toe-mahto. 
A chartreuse kitchen. I really never thought I could love something such as this and I absolutely do! For some reason the space feels so inviting. We would have opted for a different shade of flooring rather than going completely monochromatic, but to each his own. Side note: Kermit lives here. 
We love an all white space with pops of color! Especially when the pops of color happen to be turquoise! Those matching lanterns are absolutely to die for. This room has got Spring going on. 
Lovers. Try and have a fabulous Monday. Also, do not let the amazing Cozamia giveaway slip through your tiny fingertips. It ends tomorrow. Get after it, girls! 


  1. So fresh and bright! Lovely images! Refreshing when we have a snowstorm brewing here tomorrrow:)

  2. Yay for Spring and Florals. These pretty pictures brightened up my rainy day here in Charleston. Those kitchsns make me weak in the knees! Gorgeous!

  3. I for one am very taken with every single one of these photos! YAY for spring!

  4. I've just spent the weekend in the ski hill :) but looking forward to spring finding it's way here... in love with that top image - Anna is the most talented, isn't she?

  5. I am so feeling the spring vibe so this is making me smile. All lovely rooms with a bright and cheery vibe!

  6. Wow!! these are all so gorge!! I love the curtains and the headboard in the first to pictures! So bright and happy! xoxo elizabeth

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  8. OOPS!
    Fabulous Post!!! Loving the window coverings and the bone inlay
    chest in the first photo! ALso, the pink floral wallpaper
    in the bathroom! Thanks, for making me smile!

  9. I just bought a floral blouse today, I feel the need for Spring to come now! Although I live in Boston and I just know Mother Nature has one more snow storm up her sleeve for us :)


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