Monday, February 13, 2012

monday musings: animal prints + florals

O.M.G. Can someone puh-lease pinch me? How can it already be Monday? I just had a whirlwind trip back and forth to Chicago within less than 48 hours. Can we say exhausted? Yes we can! However, let's get excited about some mixing and matching of some serious contrasts of patterns: animal prints and florals. Let's just stop for a second and put some seriously incorrect misnomers to bed. Misnomer (aka dirty rumor) #1: Animal prints and florals do not go together. Answer: False. Misnomer 2: Ok, so I am too tired and uncreative to come up with Misnomer #2, but give me a few hours and a few cups of coffee to think on it. Anyhoo. We have chatted about majorly mixing patterns before, but this definitely takes it up a notch on the bravery scale. Mixing animal prints and floral patterns will give you that curated look you are so desperately searching for in your space. Just you wait and see...

Darlings. How fabulous is this room? Truly. Loving the layered animal print and geometric love. Very collected and fab. Are we seeing the florals mixed in about here? From the pillows to the couch is bringing a very feminine touch to the space. Does this room not resemble some sort of museum to you? We love. 
A more modern take on the jungle meets floral craze. We adore the floral window treatments paired with the zebra upholstered fretwork seating happening here. See folks, you can even stay in the same color family. It twerks. Twerking it. 
Larvely. Truly. We have drooled over this image for a long, long time. I know. We are so elegant. Zebra walls and ceilings coupled with floral linens. Should we even mention the headboard?! Maybe a little too much sensory overload on Monday a.m. To. die. 
So many patterns happening in this little office. Layering of contrasting rugs, floral wallpaper, ikat seating and more. We sound like we are selling a car on all of its features. This room also has power windows and power seating. There is Misnomer #2. Back to the subject at hand. Love the space. 
This space is so lovely we can hardly stand it. Although two patterns are used in the space essentially, they are carried well throughout. The zebra, tufted, skirted ottoman is the most. Ever. So dreamy. 
{quadrille fabrics}
What a charming breakfast nook we have here. Such beautiful elements used all in one little area. The zebra print chairs and pillows add just the perfect amount of edge to an otherwise overly girlie dining space. See?!?!?! Contrast works. 
{pretty stuff}
This room has had us up on our heads since it first hit Lonny Magazine. Over the top walls and ceiling. OVER THE TOP. We die for it. This little girl is beyond lucky. Beyond. Loving that zebra rug centering the room. Who is with us? Black accents used here are the perfect contrasting element to the space. 

Ok so enough of zebra prints, I guess. On to other animals in the animal kingdom. Our girl crush, Jamie Meares, showing off her animal print and floral skills in her guest room of her home. The dalmatian print is the perfect way to dip your toe into the animal print pool, if you will. And we will. 
Leopard print carpet, of course. What a lovely bedroom seen below. All of the elements that we have been speaking of today, darlings. Major floral walls paired with an over the top leopard floor. Its amazing how such opposing elements work in a cohesive manner. Beautimous. 
And an example in everyday style. I have been obsessed with this image for like a week now. I don't know where that dress is from, but I do know I need to get it. Goal for this week. Aspirations, people. Aspirations. 
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  1. Oh my gosh I am drooling. That third-to-last image of the bedroom is delicious. Thank you for displaying such gorgeously mixed rooms! :)



  2. This dress is a Lilly Pulitzer dress, FYI!

  3. Love this combo! I am smitten with the zebra wallpaper in the bedroom- gorgeous and sexy!


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