Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY: hydrangea wreath

Well, well, well. We meet again, lovelies. Let's talk wreaths this morning. We do love a good wreath around here. After all, they are like jewelry for your door. Who doesn't adore a beautiful statement piece? Once the gold, glammy pinecone wreath came down, I knew another stunner was in order. Enter Pinterest inspiration. Totally swoon worthy. It was love at first sight. 
Seriously, how gorgeous is that wreath? And that door? I die. Makes me want to paint my door black right this instant! Anyhow, after falling head over heels, I was determined to recreate a similar look for my own front door! 
Here is how you can make one for yourself! Be forewarned, it's difficult y'all. There are 3 whole steps! Think you can manage? 

Styrofoam wreath form (18 in.)
15 Large silk hydrangeas (removed from the stem)
Grosgrain ribbon
Glue gun

Step 1:
After removing the hydrangeas from the stems, begin hot gluing them around the wreath form. I used 10 hydrangeas in all for the front side of the wreath. 

 Step 2:
After the front side of the wreath was complete I noticed the sides were a bit bare. I found the best way to solve this issue was to cut the remaining 5 hydrangeas in half and glue. Viola! Problem solved. 
 Step 3:
Attach the grosgrain ribbon to the back of your wreath, hang on your door and enjoy! It doesn't get much easier than that, folks!  
So, what do you think of the new door bling? We sure hope you all take a swing at it and send pictures our way! We love seeing what you all are up to! Have a fabulous day dears! Love, L+L


  1. I am not a big wreath person except for Christmas but must say this is one of the prettiest ones I have seen!

  2. Ahhh it looks so great! I LOVE it! Great diy :-)


  3. Okay you have inspired me! Heading out for craft supplies and getting that "Spring" feeling going at my house!!

  4. You just solved my spring wreath problem. I'm gonna try this out. Thanks!!

  5. So cute! I need a spring wreath!


  6. Oh my goodness this wreath is gorgeousness! My favorite flower is a hydrangea. I def need to try this DIY! :)

  7. New follower! Love your blog and this wreath tutorial!


  8. If only I had a proper front door. Lovely! Great how-to :)

    Pretty Grounded

  9. You girls have the cutest blog! And I'm loving this wreath...looks easy enough. I'm always switching out my wreaths so I'd love to add this to the collection!

  10. Love wreaths any time of the year indoors and out!! And..this looks like spring might be coming after all!! :-)

  11. I just made four of these for my daughter's upcoming wedding! We are using them on the doors of the church. They turned out gorgeous! Thank you for the tutorial!

  12. Beautiful! Where do you find reasonably priced hydrangeas? Thanks!

  13. This is such a lovely project.
    I’m going to make a few for my sister’s upcoming wedding!

  14. your wreath is stunning! I love the color you chose…beautiful! I’m not much of a wreath maker, but with your helpful tutorial, I think I can do this!

  15. I'm so glad you're back and getting settled in your new home. I love the wreath. We have many hydrangea bushes around our house. The girls and I love to pick them and bring them inside. The idea of a silk hydrangea wreath is just beautiful!

    Gretta Hewson
    Apollo Luxury Architectural Design Studio

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