Monday, February 6, 2012

monday musings: romantic spaces

Lovelies! Are you all in a Superbowl junk food stupor? Duh. We know the answer to that question, as we are as well. On to the next American holiday, Valentine's Day. A Hallmark holiday, if you will. And we will. That doesn't stop us from lusting over romantic spaces, reds and pinks and hearts of course. Today we are dying over various spaces that have a completely romantic aesthetic. No, they are not pink and red with hearts. You will see. A cupid we shall play. Between you and beautiful spaces, that is. We are quite the matchmakers. 

Now we are not typically into victorian design, however, this room is quite the exception. That distressed mirror multi-purposed as a headboard is the absolute most. Obviously the gilded gold frames in the room are complete  standouts. Not to mention that crystal chandy. This room screams romance.
A modern type of romance. Clean lines and very understated hues. The shape of the couch and tables, brings a lot of feminine touches into the space. The creamy color palette in this space is so dreamy. Creamy and dreamy=romantic. That is the kind of math we like to see. 
{ryan korban}
Adore an all white space. Who would ever know that it adds so much drama?! Well it can and it does. The floor to ceiling window treatments in this room are absolutely breathtaking. This room looks so cozy and inviting. It is romancing our eyes. 
Here is a little romance done with some traditional pink accenting. There are so many modern elements in this space, but also some very traditional architecture that brings it to another time. Aren't you dying over that mantel? 
{house and home}
Another lovely creamy hued space. Again, lots of victorian elements here: Crystal chandy, wingback chairs, settee, gilded mirror. The list goes on. We would love to serve tea and coffee in this space over great conversation. I feel like lots would get done in this romancy space. Yep, romancy. 
{house beautiful}
Ahhhhhh lilac grasscloth walls!!! Oh my! Beautiful, gorgeous. Plum velvet headboard!! Mercury glass pendant chandelier! Color! Fur! Yes, I am naming off everything in this room. Everything is so lovely it must be named. Lilac grasscloth room, you are so romantic we want to date you. 
{jackie astier}
Another all white romantic space. This room has so much femininity but not in an overwhelming way. We love the curves and plush elements strewn about the room. It is so inviting. 
{elle decor}
A romantic kitchen. What more could a girl want? Nothing like a vehicle to class up your date with your food. Those french doors are killing it, by the way. The rustic wood table is the perfect element to offset the absolute glam happening here. Also, that chandy totally makes the space. Totally. 
{glitter guide}
Gorgeous, all white bedroom. Cupid! You have done it again. This monochromatic space sends our hearts into a tailspin. 
{elle decor}
We hope you all have come out of your food coma to enjoy this beautiful imagery. We have a lot in store for you this week, dollfaces. Stay. Tuned. Love, L+L


  1. Beautiful rooms! Very romantic! I can't wait to see what else you two have up your sleeves this week!

  2. These rooms had me drooling. I am such a feminine decorator and a sucker for a romantic interior. I want to pin every single image! :)



  3. oooooohhhh!!! I love all of these! That baroque bed in the last picture is GORGEOUS!!

  4. All so pretty but the kitchen is my favorite, love the mix of rustic and a little more formal. Very pretty.

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