Tuesday, December 27, 2011

S+S Design: Bachelor Pad

Welcome back readers! We hope you all had a fabulously wonderful holiday weekend. We sure did. A little painful returning to reality, but we will live until the next three day weekend. We have been working on many projects lately, and one of those is a design for the loft of a dear friend of mine, the bachelor. The bachelor, we shall call him, has great taste in all things design, especially art, but just didn't know how to streamline the vision. What he did know, is that he wanted gallery white walls. Done and done. Let's get started.

The bachelor's loft is HUGE. We mean HUGE. Space for days. We decided to fashion a dining area close to the kitchen equipped with all of the accouterments that a space for entertaining would ever dream of. Ahem, bar cart. We die. Anyway, the vision for the dining room included a solid rustic, modern, stacked wood dining table. Amaze. The bachelor actually spotted this on his own shopping excursion. Impressive, we know. Obviously mix and match seating will be appropriate here. To give the space a more modern and manly feel, we knew that some mid-century modern wood chairs would have to be thrown into the mix. He already had a fabulous persian rug that is going to tie any and everything together in the space. Need we discuss the chandelier? Exactly. Its insane. 

On to the living space. The major goal in this space was for us to create a space that he could entertain to the masses. Large seating areas, etc. You get the idea. The first choice for the space was this incredibly large and incredibly major charcoal grey sectional. We figure it is great for game watching/lounging. Sectionals can sometimes lack the style that we are looking to achieve, but this is a major exception to that rule. The material of the seating is almost suit-like, which also continues the manly aesthetic we are going for here. The bachelor also had his eye on some Barcelona chairs. You cannot get more man than that. For real. We decided a seating area with two leather and chrome chairs flanking the sectional would add cool and sophisticated additional seating. All topped off with a cowhide rug (duh!) and a manly chunk of wood as a coffee table. Is that piece of art not insane? Seriously. That is all the color that we needed in the space since the bachelor claims his favorite color is black. Go figure. 
On to the bedroom. I immediately had a vision here. For some reason I had thought the only way there could be lighting in this room is if it entailed two pendants suspended from the ceiling. Flanking both sides of the bed. Obvi. A large, leather bed was in order for the space. I wanted to keep it all white and black, essentially. Except for, the vintage kilim at the foot of the bed. Totally a space for the bachelor to lay his head at night. Totally. 
We cannot wait to show you the before and afters. He is hard at work and the design is underway. Stay. Tuned. 


  1. These are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Seriously gorgeous, my son would love these, in fact if his bachelor pad looked anything like this, I am afraid he would forever want to remain a bachelor:)

  2. Find him a delightful girl so he will be a bachelor no more and I can be a grandmother.

    Elyse (the bachelor's mom)

    your design ROCKS!!! It is tough to fill a space so large and you did it!!! Beautifully!!

  3. His office is fabulous too - you go J- Bonnie (one of the bachelor's clients)

  4. Yep...his office IS fabulous too. I am twisting his arm to hang some of my artwork in it.

  5. I had no idea this was josh's place. I definitely want to see this when it is finished. I will even bring a bottle of wine!!

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