Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY: fish scale art

As we have yet to shut up about, we were obsessed with the fish scale art trend. Like woah. When we first saw this tutorial here, we knew this was a diy that we had to try for ourselves. Although we made some minor modifications to the diy, it essentially has the same feel.We are OBSESSED with the result. Honestly this project has got our mind buzzing with possibilities. Other colors. Multi-colored. The possibilities are endless!

 DIY Fish Scale Art Supplies:
1 pre cut piece of particle board. Note: Home Depot/Lowe's have these already cut into various dimensions. Super helpful for us!
Numerous pieces of poster board
Gold Metallic spray paint. We recommend Krylon.
Staple Gun
Any trim of your choosing. I found mine at Lowe's

Step 1:
Cut your all of your circles out of your poster board. I used the top rim of a glass and traced all of my circles from this. Super laborious. Trust. 

Step 2:
After all of my circles were cut, I affixed them on to the board. This is where the staple gun comes in. No lie, particle board is thicker than it appears. My finger still hurts from steading the staple gun. Yowza. Start towards the bottom and continue up securing the scales. It will look like this:

Step 3:
Trim the edges of the scales on the entire piece. Go ahead and secure your trim on the board so you know where the edges will begin and end. After that is complete, get to cutting.
Step 4:
Spray paint that baby on a bed of wood chips. Ummm ok, so maybe not wood chips. However, I am loft living currently and have ZERO outdoor DIY'ing area. It's fine! In my case, rather than discarding a tarp, you just kick around the golden wood chips. They were lucky to get revamped. Off topic. Off topic. 
Find its home and admire your hard work. I have to say, this was somewhat a tedious and laborious DIY but I am more than thrilled with the results.  Love the one of a kind, unique texture it brings to our brick wall. 
 And a shot at night. Thought you would love to see the glitz and glam in the evening. 
Happy Tuesday loves! We hope you all have a FAB day. 


  1. Very cool. Great result, you really pull it off!


  2. wow, it looks amazing! i may have to try this myself - i wonder how it would look in silver instead of gold, or maybe more of a champagne color.

  3. Great idea! I am thinking you could make quite a lampshade with this same technique!

  4. Love it!!! Pretty much wan to run to the hardware store for supplies right meow!!

    Xx. Patience

  5. Clever and beautiful.....great ideas here!

  6. love this idea!


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