Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's

So we are pretty lame here this NYE. Nothing extreme planned...yet! All we can say is channel your inner Ke$ha. Do it. When in doubt...throw glitter everywhere. We permit it. Now, if we were having a fancy schmansy soiree, here is how we would proceed with it. 

We would send these:
Glitters and streamers, of course. 
We would set the table with these:
Wear these:
Who says we can't wear three dresses at one event? This is New Years people. 

Seat our guests here:

Display this:
Drink this...and more of this:
Do this at midnight:

Low key around here, folks. Low key. Tomorrow we will return with a recipe suitable for your glitter filled holiday. Promise. 


  1. Beautiful...I like how you think. Those invitations are soo cute, and yes to three dresses,if you have 3 that look that good, then you must must must wear all three in one night!
    Have a happy and healthy New Years Eve!

  2. I love the 1st dress! Who Makes it? Great style!


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