Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Favorite Room Feature: A Little Glass Box

So we definitely have something in store for you this morning. Courtney with A Little Glass Box, is going to be sharing her favorite spaces with you this morning! We cannot contain our excitement. Courtney is seriously, SERIOUSLY, the queen of DIY projects and we are all merely her subjects. We have never seen such creativity or innovation from any blogger ever. This girl could take absolute junk and turn it into absolute genius. Not only is Courtney sharing her favorite spaces with you, she is sharing all of her DIY's associated with these rooms. O.M.G. We are lucky gals today. Let's get started! 

Good morning everyone! I am so excited to be here hanging out with all of you. Aren’t these lovely Lindsay’s some fun & stylish girls? When they asked me to come for a little visit and share my favorite designed space, I just couldn’t resist hopping over here from A Little Glass Box. Even if it is because I love looking at their dog silhouettes so much, so cute right?! I wasn’t too sure which room to pick at first since we recently moved from our 105 year old row house in Baltimore to our new rental digs in California. Every room I design or live in is my favorite and I think I am always secretly hoping that my next design project will truly be my favorite. I guess that’s what keeps this crazy gal sane and makes me want to try and make every room so special. After much thought I have to say that my current living room is my fabulous favorite!

I love that when designing it, it posed me with challenges. For example, how small it was, as well as there being rental restrictions on my design plan, or the fact that it has no real wall space for artwork and opens up to my entry way. I love that it’s not predictable, that it’s full of color, and bright & sunny. Coming from our row house where windows were a luxury and only placed at the front and back of the house, it is nice to have the opposite problem here and be surrounded by them.

 I have to say I love experimenting with textures and a bold color story, so in this room I have textiles that are a burst of color which can look good individually or all together. (I imagine them to be singing “we are famiy,” in the background while cuddled up in a pile on the couch –ha-ha).

I love that the bench was a craigslist find, the table a $13 Goodwill purchase and that the lamp shade was a broken $5 warehouse sale find that has been given the chance to shine again.
 This space makes me feel comfortable and inspired because I am surrounded by some of my favorite shiny things. Mercury glass… be still my heart! It also feels very warm and inviting to me which is fantastic for the chilly nights here in Northern California.

The living room leads into the dining room, which by default, makes it our favorite space as well. The reclaimed ceilings and exposed wood beams are one of our favorite features. It gives it such a rustic vibe, not to mention, the stone adornment on the walls. The mix and match seating was an obvious choice for the farmhouse table. LOVE!

Thanks for letting me give you a peek into my living room and I hope that you will come to visit the ole’ blog sometime. Feel free to check out the rest of the California House Tour or my Baltimore House Tour. Thanks again gals for being such kind hostesses. Happy holidays to all of you lovelies!


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Love the rug, the gorgeous orange paper lined in the bookshelf, perfect choice, the way the entire living room is put together, the dining room, and the way all the fabrics patterns and colors though while different work and mesh beautifully together.

  2. This home is amazing! I love the ceiling... and everything out. There are so many little details and color in jus the right places. Brilliant!

  3. Out of this world! I love the bookshelf and the rug!

  4. Courtney has done an amazing job with her California home. We love the orange details she has throughout the house and all the rustic natural elements to.

  5. OMG, love love love everything about these spaces! SUCH great style and vision!

  6. What a gorgeous home! The orange rug, the paper lined bookshelf, the table lamp, farmhouse table and rustic elements in this home had me swooning! Both are great spaces! I am off to check out her blog now, she is one talented lady for sure!

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  7. Um, can she come do my home? This is incredible. Thanks for sharing. Enter my StyleMint Giveaway for 5 shirts!

  8. Lovely selection of beautiful inspirations!!!!

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