Tuesday, September 6, 2011

S+S at home: floor art addition

So, as you all know, we were musing over persian rugs used in kitchens a few Monday's ago. Well, our musings became a reality. I bit the bullet and bought a persian runner for my kitchen. Please excuse the poor photography here. The kitchen has minimal lighting so it is impossible to achieve the real feel here. 
An angle on the horizontal. We love the character it brings it this space. It is definitely one of a kind rug. You definitely will not find your neighbor having the exact same rug! 
An attempt at photography with the flash. Again people, please excuse. I am not trying to do freelance or anything here, as you can tell. Cut me a break.  
So I found this amazing rug at a place called ESale Rugs. This place is amazeballs people. All unique and authentic persian rugs. They do not have more than one of each design. So....if you find something, buy it. They also have free 2 day shipping for these fabulous pieces. Basically, they are the Zappos in the persian rug market. Eat your heart out!

We have compiled some other options for you all. Some of these were on my list...one of you BETTER pick one of these beauties up. Otherwise, I might be making a trip back to the Esale Rugs website. 


  1. They are beautiful! I'm sure the one you picked adds so much character!

  2. WOW love it!!!! We have many Persian and oriental rugs..am a big fan of them as they add such character and authenticity to a room..and yours is fabulous!! Great choice.

  3. Very pretty! We are in need of rugs too. Not only are the good ones hard to find, but they are spendy! :(

  4. Gorgeous! You made a great choice. I also want one of these for my future kitchen...my husband thought it was totally impractical to put one in the kitchen but I think the opposite - all those colors will hide spills and they add so much personality. I'm off to check out that site so I'm prepared when the time comes to pick one out! Thanks for the tip...

  5. I have been contemplating doing this as well, maybe with an erzatz one (they have very nice knock-off acrylics at Ross that look and feel very much like the real thing, once you have them down.) i think the knock-offs are a more sensible approachcfor theckitchen, where durability and ease of cleaning are factors. Plus your investment will be $20' as opposed to $200, so replacement periodically won't be a problem.

    BTW, be very certain you are utilizing a high-quality carpet pad. Not only will rugs last much longer, but the foot feel is immeasureably improved, plus they are a snap to vacuum, and they prevent slipping hazards. Ross sells deluxe grade pads and that is the item to invest in, at $6 to $12, quite worth the extra money.

    Finally, though, I am investng in a high-quality portable rug steamer...have you thought about the smells and stickiness if you should drop or splatter something on them? Yuck!


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