Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Musings: Reclaimed Wood

Happy Day of Labor lovelies. We hope you are relishing in your extra day off from the grind...we know we are! With us slowly branching into the fall season, we have our eyes on organic and natural elements. Specifically...reclaimed wood, girls and girls. Now, some might still have the sentiment that reclaimed wood is only intended for spaces. No. No. No. No. You could take the glammiest of glammy spaces and add a piece of reclaimed wood somewhere in the scheme and it would absolutely work. As you all know, we love to marry different style into one unified space. This is the perfect accessory to bring that mantra into play!  Onwards and upwards to our lesson in reclaimed wood. 

See! Glammy, glammy kitchen seen here. All elements in this space point to complete glamour. The carrara marble, the stainless steel, white cabinets, the absolutely to die for light fixtures. And what is that you see? Oh, why yes. Reclaimed wood ceiling beams. Perfect amount of interest added to the space. Again, brings in an organic and natural feel that this room would otherwise be missing.
Holy cathedral ceilings. Wow. Za. Can you even imagine the amount of reclaiming of the reclaimed wood would even have had to take place to complete this space? Wood would you? We love the shabby chic and classic aura of this space. So clean, crisp and open. We spot us some layered rug action. You all know we adore that look. 
Reclaimed wood island, reclaimed wood shelves and reclaimed wood table. To. Die. Basically a reclaimed wood paradise. Where to even begin in this industrial chic space? The lighting is out of control. Great use of organic materials in a modern and more masculine space. We might add a few flowers and a fun rug in here. You know, to girl it up? 
Reclaimed wood walls. The whitewash white is the perfect shade to keep this space light and airy. Amazing architecture with the arched doorways. Gorg. 
Another example of reclaimed wood at work in a glamorous, uptown spot. Lovely usage of reclaimed wood on the floors which is then flanked by completely chic elements. Lacquered wall, animal print accessories, velvet, bright colors. GLAM. GLAM. GLAM. We told you girls and girls. It goes anywhere! 
Another amazeballs reclaimed wood floor. We are not quite sure how this would hold up in a bathroom, seeing as there would be a lot of water happening around the floor. We all know how wood feels about water. But still! Gorg organic element juxtaposed by over the top stylish black walls. Adore. 
On to one of the easier ways to bring this natural element into a space...a reclaimed wood table! That is on my bucket list. Must. Get. Reclaimed. Wood. Table. Truly. Love this extended table with mismatched velvet nailhead chairs. Mercury glass all around and a lovely chandelier. 
Another major extended reclaimed wood table in a dining room. Chandelier dripping with crystals? Check. If they ever feel they don't NEED that chandelier anymore, I will totally take their sloppy seconds. Totes. I am a team player like that. Gorgeous Louis XV chairs that even have a reclaimed feel to them with the distressed wood adornment. 
Another kitchen with reclaimed wood all around. Fronts of cabinets, shelving, kitchen island, side table...and yet, this room has a completely eclectic glamorous feel. Its the creamy grey walls, brass and crystal chandelier, pops of color, and who can miss the peacock. Great union of nature with vintage and eclectic style. 
We couldn't finish this segment without including this awesomely eclectic dining room. Besides the gorg reclaimed wood table, we love the drift wood horse that is displayed on the reclaimed wood table. Also, what is not to love about this space? Boris spots a lady friend on the wall. Lovely colors and accessories. Love. Love. Love. 
Enjoy the remainder of your vacays loves. On to Fall! We cannot wait!


  1. I am a big big fan of reclaimed woods. It adds so much character to any space, and a certain sense of authenticity where not everything is so perfect and shiny. Love the gorgeous examples you showed here!! So lovely.....

  2. That first kitchen and living room are gorgeous! I'm liking the layered rug look. I will definitely have to use that. And, oh, I am dying over the chevron wood floors. So pretty!

  3. nice blog ..and images of your blog is too good it will helpfulfor interior design.
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  4. Wow! Its looks beautiful. The use of reclaimed wood flooring isn’t a new concept, but it’s seen a surge in popularity especially with the green building and remodeling boom. I m looking forward for wood flooring my house in next month, and m very excited :) Thanks.

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