Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seeing Scales.

No, no, no. We know what you are thinking. Not weight scales! Fish scales! During recent shopping adventures, we have spotted a few scaley products that have gotten us a bit obsessed. The texture is absolutely insane. While it somewhat resembles scallops, it is a little more graduated and unique. We. Adore. Let's get fishy. 
1. This tray from Haymarket Designs is practically perfect in every way. Yes, it's Mary Poppins good. 
2. This pendant would be the perfect accessory to a simple outfit. Like we said, the texture brings its A game to any place or space. 
3. Ob.sessed. This celeadon bowl needs to make an appearance in my kitchen stat. 
4. A gorgeous throw pillow such as this linen and citrine is a wonderfully subtle means of incorporating scales into your home. 
5. Pair with leggings and boots and you're good to go. Love the detail in this creamy blouse.
6. Hello color. This purple hued stunner provides another fab way to add a little scales to your life. 
7. Gorgy metallic scaley flats. You might resemble a mermaid, but do you care? Gorgeous. 
8. So unique. We would love to create a tablescape with these gold beauties starring in the show. 


  1. OH! That bowl is to die for! I am liking this mix of pattern... a good change from the graphic chevron {but still a favorite}


  2. I love all of these things. I saw a lamp at home goods the other day that had scales on it and I can't get it out of my head!!

  3. Love fresh! Love the patterns with bold colors these days...thanks for sharing!
    -Danya @

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