Tuesday, July 26, 2011

S+S E-Design: A Botanical Mud Room

One of our clients, via e-design, is probably at the top of our list of craftiest people we know. Yes, we have a list if you are asking. She and her husband actually built an addition off of their home to serve as a mudroom. Katie first contacted us about helping her decorate her mudroom, as well as, her living room. We will show you her mudroom first as she is looking to start on this soon. Katie's space consists of tall angular ceilings and LOTS of light. They installed two sets of french doors on opposite sides of the room and this brings in major sunlight. They made our job so easy! Katie wanted to lighten up the space as they have slate floors and also brown leather chairs that are staying in the mud room. Have no fear all, S+S is here! We both have dark leather chairs in our homes and nothing that a little light colored throw and punchy patterned pillows can't fix. On to the board...
Let us begin with the floor furnishings, or as we like to call it, floor art. For some reason when we first saw this room, we immediately were drawn to a shade of coral and lots of florals. Maybe it is because Katie has great taste and told us that she loved some art that we had posted before hand and we just went with it. Who can know. That Katie is a genius though. Anyway, we loved the idea of incorporating multiple patterns on the floor and to achieve that look, we went with a large coral striped rug layered with a punchy floral rug. Absolute bliss, we think. Also for the floor, they have some stairs that go up into the rest of the house that needed a little love. We decided on a coral color to paint the stairs and then to adorn them with a neutral khaki runner.

On to the furniture. As you all know, we are staying with the brown leather chairs, but to offset the masculinity of those, we went with a glammy mirrored side table. Also on the list, a fabulous shade of green cabinet to store all their necessities. We love the pairing of the coral and the green together. Currently, they have a little empty space by the door that is just dying to be used. We decided since our clients are super craftsmen, that they should build a fabulous cubby with a bench for that space. Of course it will be equipped with green glammy hooks and a patterned bench cover.

Accessories galore. We were thinking organic texture when we were thinking accessories. We could not do without a hand woven basket from Senegal. We love the color and impact it brings to carrying such mundane items such as magazines or newspapers. The pillows were picked to bring a feminine touch to the chairs. We love the fun fabrics and patterns. As Katie had mentioned she loved some floral prints we have posted in the past, we HAD to include some botanical prints in the space. We love the idea of matting them with a light green shade and then framing them with our go to mirrored frames. We wanted a tall lamp in the space to bring some height into the seating area. We think we have accomplished this with the green lamp adorned with an earthy linen shade. For the fabulous french doors, none other than roman shades. Since we have a lot of pattern going on in the room we loved the idea of using a neutral color shade and creating a border of coral fabric on the edges. We think it adds just the perfect amount of zhush to the doors without stealing any of their thunder.

It was so much fun working with you Katie! We cannot wait to see the room come together. On to the living room!


  1. An interesting color scheme for a mudroom and I love that it is inspired by the artwork. Love the bench fabric and storage hooks.

  2. Thanks you for all the nice comments. You girls did a fantastic job with the design board. I have been telling everyone about your site & services. I am so excited to get everything together for the mudroom. Thanks again!

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