Monday, July 4, 2011

monday musings: nautical notions

Happy day of Independence! We hope you all are enjoying your extra long weekend. To pay homage to our wonderful country, we decided to highlight Americana style. Reds, blues, whites and all things nautical. We hope you enjoy your 4th of July!

Get. Out. With. This. Room. Seriously. 
{domino mag}
Amazing navy blue lacquer wall, accessorized with amazing navy octo-print, flanked by two gorg lanterns. Amazing run on sentence. Yes. Gorgeous space. A glam take on nautical. 
Presh boys room. Love how they incorporated some sophisticated prints into the space to give it a less kid like feel. 
And what would a nautical post be without some nautical fashion inspiration? It wouldn't be. True. Story.
A little throwback for you all.

To come this week: we may or may not have an AMAZING rug upholstered ottoman DIY coming your way, and do not forget to enter in the to die for Material Therapy giveaway which ends Friday. Stay tuned...

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