Tuesday, July 12, 2011

diy: the upholstered chair big reveal

Months ago Lindsay, Sadie's mom, purchased a chair with NO idea about what to do with it. Shortly after purchasing, she ran across some beautiful fabric for $4 a yard!! Helllllloooo diy reupholstery project! Not going to lie folks, we were scared about tackling this project at first. When we found this how-to from the Creative Maven, we knew it was go time! 
We did the actual reupholstering in a two day period, about 12 hours total. Now, 12 hours included a whole lot of talking, laughing and reminding each other to get the fabric tight like a tiger. It was not 12 hours of straight work. Do not be fooled. However, the stripping of the chair was seriously the combination of Insanity, Jillian Michael's and Billy Blanks workout all in one. Wow. 

The chair cushion took a bit longer. We had some sewing machine malfunctions, ie the damn thing kept jamming up every 5 seconds.  We were half way finished sewing when we decided to see if our local upholsterer would finish the job for us. Sure enough, he was willing. One day and 35 buckaroos later, the chair was complete! 

Here is the chair in it's humble beginnings, price tag and all {classy}, right after it was delivered to it's new home.

And here it is now, in all it's glory. Be still, my heart. A lot of love went into this chair ladies and gentlemen. We are like proud parents admiring our hard work.

Lets just do a side by side comparison.

Ah, much better. Can you even tell it's the same chair?! We can't and it makes us sooo happy!! 

Now for some detail shots.

We were lucky and snagged this chair and fabric for an extremely low price. This kept the cost waaayy down. We re-used the original cushion insert and zipper, again saving some more moolah. 

Cost Breakdown:
Chair $12
Fabric {5.5 yards} $ 25
Upholstery tacks, cording + other odds and ends  $15
Cushion completion $35
Grand Total: $ 87

A new spot to lay Sadie's head? Priceless. That's right folks. This got turned into a Master Card commercial. 
Sadie even gives her stamp of approval! If you've got an old chair lying around that needs some love, do not be afraid! If we can do it, you certainly can too!


  1. I am so impressed!!!!!!! Just soooo gorgeous, love your fabric choice. Perfect:)

  2. Lindsay D - its your second cousin Melanie (Simpson). ha :) I stumbled across your blog & love it! GREAT job on the reupholstering. I redid an upholstered bench a while ago, but am too afraid to tackle a wing back! It looks awesome!

  3. Looks amazing! What a great dyi project!

  4. Wow, you did an amazing job. I need your skills!

  5. Mimi says you are becoming quite the "Suzie Homemaker." She loves the chair and the Master Card commercial! (and I do to!)...Aunt Mac

  6. The chair looks great!! Is that the fabric we bought when I was there? I can't get over how grey miss sadie is! Love you!

  7. Love the print on the chair.

    Great taste!


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  8. Great fabric choice love the blue and the nail head detail oh wow
    visiting from shabby creek cottage

  9. That is fabulous. Just found on Pinterest. Great old ideas never die.

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