Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Favorite Room Feature: 6th Street Design School

We've been a big fan of Kirsten over at 6th Street Design for awhile! We love her home and her bold use of colors. She is here today to share her favorite room, her office. Enjoy!

My favorite room in my house is definitely my office. I just love it. 

I love how colorful and cozy it is. 

It's nice to have a place that is organized (most of the time). I run my Interior Design business from this room and it's important that everything has a place. 

This room is teeny tiny. I mean seriously it's like as big as some people's closets. So I chose small scale pieces like my eames rocker. And the ghost chair is perfect because it doesn't take up any visual space. The parsons style desk is simple and also good for a small space. 

I hope you enjoyed this room as much as I do! 

all photos taken by Jessica Kettle Photography


  1. Hi! Where did you find those green paper organizers? I really love them and would like to purchase some for my own office. Thanks for the response!

  2. Beautiful! It feels fresh, focused and cozy. I would love to work in such an inspiring place!

  3. her entire home is so cheery and cozy! great feature.

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