Monday, July 11, 2011

monday musings: monochromatic spaces

The title of this post should truly be ROYGBV. Actually, we would have to add a few more letters to that acronym since we are making up our own color wheel here. This is the S+S color wheel RPOYGBVWG. Picking one hue and continuing that shade through the entire scheme of the room creates huge impact. We love the use of monochromatic spaces and the huge drama they bring to a room. By layering varying shades of a particular hue and throwing in texture, it gives a space huge dimension. Here are our favorite spaces following the RPOYGBVWG color wheel.  

First up, red. Some are scared of the color red in a room...but we think these rooms got it right. They look super chic in their own ways. 
{anne sage}
Amazingly enough, a room with all shades of pink is not screaming little girls room to us! Loving the mixture of fabrics, textures and shades of the color. The room looks sophisticated and definitely packs a wow factor. 
{stories of a to z}
As you all know...we adore anything orange/coral. These rooms are NO exception to the rule. Both of these spaces used creamy neutral shades as the backdrop for the rooms and then just accented with fun, bright accessories. Would you get a look at that roman shades? The velvet orange headboard? The orange mirror? The orange sink? We cannot get enough. 
{decor pad}
{the zhush}
Okay. Ooookkkkaay. Where to even start on this room. That headboard is absolutely to die for. This space is so incredibly beachy and cozy. The matching yellow ikat benches are the perfect accessory to the end of a plush white bed. Not to mention the adorbs yellow framed bird paintings. 
Fabulous yellow trellis wallpaper? Check. Fabulous yellow dining accessories? Check. Fabulous sheepskin chair throws? Check. Seriously, how glam is this space? We absolutely love those sheepskin throws on the chair. Definitely saw those at Ikea for about $20 a couple of weekends ago. Kicking myself for not picking one up!
{decor pad}
Such an elegant and regal space! This is the true definition of layering shades of a certain hue. They based the room with a turquoisey-green shade, dressed the windows in green velvet drapes, and added pops of green all over the room. They got monochromatic right.  
{decor pad}
A throwback. For those of you that have been reading S+S for sometime now, may recognize this image. We have featured it before but couldn't think of a better image to feature for blue on blue space. Totally gorg and luxe. 
This space has more character in one inch of the room than most homes in their entirety! It is so whimsical and fun. Amazingly enough, there are so many fun prints in the one area that one might risk it looking a little childish or silly. SO not the case here. This space is totally elegant. 
{belle maison}
Gorgy, luxe lilac closet. What girl wouldn't die for this closet?!?! Not these girls. That quatrefoil chair, is OVER. THE TOP. We can't even start talking about the wallpapered ceiling. Don't get us started. 
Stark white, done right. Insanely bright, yet relaxing space. We are loving the soft textures the incorporated with the ottoman and the rug. Loving the sheepskin! 
{decor pad}
This room is so on point with monochromatic that it appears to be a black and white photo. No joke. This is a seriously awesome space. The layered gallery wall is completely to die for. We could see this as an amazing guest room or even a boys space. Love. 


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