Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crushing color palette: lavender and yellow

Ever since we laid eyes on this picture we have been OBSESSED with the color combo of lavender and yellow. OBSESSED. Whether it be featured in interior design or fashion, we cannot seem to shake it. Something about the creamy pastel shade paired with a loud bright is so appealing. Literally, the day after I saw this room, I put together my outfit for the next day to include a yellow cardigan and a lavender shell. I had to finish it off with some leopard flats...and let me tell ya, I got a lot of compliments that day. It is just an unexpected pairing of hues and it works! 
So we decided to feature some images for you all to get a taste of what we are talking about. 

And this beauty from the 2011 could anyone say no to this color combo?!?! Get out of here! 

We have compiled a grouping of items for your viewing pleasure that would easily achieve the feel of this fabulous color combo, whether it be home decor or fashion. If you REALLY wanted to get all yellow and lavender on us, you could wear the fashion in the room! Yeah. That is right. That just happened. 


  1. I love it too- also adoring lavender and coral...both seem so unexpectedly chic!

  2. Our purple boxes would be perfect here!

  3. Very pretty. That dress is stunning

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