Monday, July 25, 2011

monday musings: cabin fever

I, (Stella and Billie's mom), am headed to Idaho for the week to stay in our family cabin. I am looking forward to the serenity and peace that the outdoors bring. So clearly, I have cabin chic on the brain. Cabin's don't have to be kitschy and these images prove that very point. I love the natural and organic feel that cabins bring. Lots of knotty wooden textures coupled with soft light fabrics. 

This. Room. Is. Incredible. Hello cathedral ceilings. Hello bookcase. Hello chandelier. Lots of greetings going on in this image. This room is absolutely stunning and if I had the pleasure of vacationing to this cabin, I am afraid I might make it a permanent vacation. Gorg.
We love the unexpected chrome tub in this rustic space. It is just the perfect amount of modern pizazz to glam this bathroom up. The simplicity of the room is so luxe and relaxing.
How fun are these multi colored paper lanterns in this rustic cabin??! We love the shabby chic feel to the bedding and how it is offset with a bright color palette. That is one lucky girl who lays her head here at night.
Umm so all you S+S readers know we love us some antlers. Especially on a paneled white wall. The stark white walls make this room so bright and airy you can barely tell it is a cabin! Fabulous modern furnishings in a rustic space totally livens up the room.
Again with the white walls. Love the modern feel it brings. This is a true log cabin. Kudos to the designer of this room and all of the competing elements they brought in to make a unified space. Who doesn't love that moose head?! So thoughtfully placed.
Gorgeous office with industrial AND rustic furnishings. This room is a perfect example of two styles being married into one living space. The lighting and furniture are ultra industrial and the amazing reclaimed wood table is obviously very rustic. LOVE.
This room screams cabin! Completely adorned in wood and balanced with crisp white chairs. We are totally loving the tufted ottoman. Great addition to a woodsy space.
That. Chandelier. OMG. Serious? Antlers in a chandelier?! Our dream come true. I wonder how long it will take them to run out of firewood??! A long time, my friends. 


  1. I'd like to move in into that first room ASAP! Beautiful pictures! Hope you have a great time!

  2. Wow- hello cabin! These spaces are gorgeous.... what a lovely mix of images! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love cabin living even more now when you add that glamorous spin to it! Those first two rooms are totally dreamy and I could easily become a serious house hermit fi that was my cabin!

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