Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rug Upholstered Ottomans

Soooo, I have been moderately unhappy with my ottoman/coffee table for sometime now. It is one of those pieces that has lingered long after college has ended. It does its job, and my dogs certainly like it, but I could not be more underwhelmed by the shape and color. Solution? Rug upholstered ottomans! I recently spotted this trend and knew this was the one for us. I wanted something sturdy and heavy, yet not a wood coffee table.

So I got to thinking, why could I not do this myself? I have scoured the internet for a few tutorials, and I have my eye on a few. I am thinking of buying a table off of Craigslist (I could build one, but I mean why re-invent the wheel? I mean come on, folks.), and filling it with the appropriate foam and batting and then upholstering it with a fun rug. I am so excited about this DIY, I cannot even stand it! Until then, here are some amazing ottomans that are inspiring my little project!


  1. I love this idea. I am not much of a DIYer (although I desperately wish I had the skills), but this ottoman project sounds reasonable--and the fact that you get to pick precisely the fabric you want makes it so tempting.

  2. What a great idea! I think this project is screaming for a DIY. I bet there's an old beat up table with cute little legs on CL that would work perfectly!

  3. I just happened to find your blog...these ottomans are so amazing. I am thinking I really need one....!!

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