Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fabulous Finds: Nell Hills

On one of my recent trips back to my hometown, Kansas City, I decided to venture in to one of my all time favorite home interior boutiques, Nell Hills. Just a little background on this unique store, it has been a Kansas City landmark ever since I can remember. They used to be only located in a very small and historical town, Atchison, Kansas and I remember driving over an hour with my mom to make a day trip up to this magical decorators retreat. At the time, they had several stores spread out within this little town, including a home decorating store and a bedding boutique. I have such fond memories of shopping there with my mom, and the tradition has not ceased over the years.

Since then, the owner, Mary Carol Garrity, has built a larger store in a closer location to Kansas City and it has been quite the success. In addition to her stores, Mary Carol has also started a paint line, as well as, published design books and also designed her own home decor. She is so accessible for questions and even small talk to all customers that venture into her stores. I had the pleasure of speaking with her myself, and still after all of these years, she remembers my mom and me. She is the epitome of class and I absolutely adore her style and business savvy.

Here are some action shots that I got of her amazing store in Kansas City, MO. These photos do not do this store justice. Disclaimer: Please excuse the sorry Blackberry camera.

This ottoman is OUT. OF. CONTROL. They had the cutest idea at Nell Hills.  They used framed pictures as an alternative to trays. I absolutely love this idea. So creative!

These prints are so glamorous. I just picture them in a little girls room. They are all vintage Barbie prints. I wasn't even fond of Barbie as a little girl, but this might have changed my mind.
I didn't exactly get a clear shot of this amazing piece. This is the most unique sink unit. Hello farmers sink. I cannot seem to get enough of the reclaimed wood look.
Someday, I will have a library. When I do, this piece will make its way into my home. 

Fortunately, Nell Hills is now online for all of us non-Kansas Citians. They have such affordable price points for such amazing products. Here are some fabulous pieces that we have picked out to showcase.

Like we could go without showing you guys an amazing garden stool at an even better price, $60. Major. Steal.

I definitely snagged these blue and white porcelain dog bowls for my girls.

We are still loving anything Mercury Glass and what more glamorous way to display your favorite liquer. 

Custom made furniture? We will take it! They have the most amazing selection in fabrics I have seen. It includes at least two rooms that are completely dressed in every fabric your heart can desire.

If any of you ever find yourself in the heart of Kansas City, we strongly urge you to stop by this little place I like to call, paradise. 


  1. Oh, how I swoon for those dog bowls. My pups Tex and Charlie need those desperately!

  2. Hi! I'm over checking out your blog from Joi's. How nice of you to do a feature on her great kitchen. I have seen catalogs from Nell Hills and also seen features in magazines. Someday I would love to take a road trip and make a stop there. Love the blue and white dog bowl! Your blog is very fun...come visit me if you have time. I'm a new follower. ~Ann

  3. Where might I find dog bowls like these??

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